Szijjarto: Hungary to form alliance with Central American countries to prevent global division

... a meeting point between the East and the West’, “The world ... into opposing blocs along the East-West principle.

Hungary , Central America , Szijjarto , West , East

Opinion: Belarus is diamond of collective East

... the countries of the collective East – as noted by political expert ... a diamond of the collective East. “We are currently living through ... the rest is the collective East, as I call it. The ... this part of the collective East? In my opinion, it is ... a diamond of the collective East, since it is a source ...

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Expert from Switzerland: conference on Eurasian security is first opportunity for East and West to talk

... step towards building relations between East and West – as stated by ...

security conference , west , east , expert , Switzerland

Hungary believes the East ahead of the West in terms of finance and technology

... , Peter Szijjarto, said that the East has already overtaken the West ... of finance and technology, the East has overtaken the West. However ... of the West and the East in economic terms has now ...

east , west , Hungary

Modern world split into two blocks, expert explains

... West and the conditionally collective East – and they witness a fairly ... collective West and the collective East. It is clear that there ...

west , east , avdonin , opinion

Belarus enjoys great authority in the East

... among the countries of the East – as stated by the master ... , and its authority in the East is huge. A political aspect ... for the countries of the East," Mr. Sayevich added ...

east , opinion , belarus

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