Posted: 26.12.2023 17:14:00

Opinion: Belarus is diamond of collective East

Belarus enjoys great intellectual and technological potential, which is very important for the countries of the collective East – as noted by political expert Piotr Petrovsky in his talk with the STV TV channel

According to the expert, Belarus is now a diamond of the collective East. “We are currently living through a geopolitical revolution. The collective West comprises 50 countries, and the rest is the collective East, as I call it. The latter include the states that are more or less dissatisfied with the unipolar world that has been imposed on us for thirty years. Where is Belarus in this part of the collective East? In my opinion, it is a diamond of the collective East, since it is a source of technology for African states, thanks to which they can rise up and free themselves from Western dependence. Belarus is the strongest outpost and technology hub for the People's Republic of China in Eastern Europe. It is also a strategically important rear area in the ongoing special military operation of Russia,” he explained.

Mr. Petrovsky believes that Belarus took the right path when deciding to co-operate with the eastern states, and the year 2023 has once again proved that. Making a forecast for 2024, the expert stated, “I think the next year will be very important and revolutionary. We will see the results. Africa will be free. Our cause is just, and we will win.”