Media: Netherlands facing growing shortage of antibiotics for children

... is a growing shortage of antibiotics for children and infants in ... Netherlands for some time. But antibiotics are a basic need. Almost ... is now a shortage of antibiotics for children and babies… Then ... every parent who needs an antibiotic for their child in the ...

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WHO concerned about increased consumption of antibiotics in Europe

... about the increased consumption of antibiotics and the associated problem of ... of them have taken oral antibiotics in the last year. The ... can’t be treated with antibiotics. The study also showed widespread ... over-the-counter use of antibiotics. Thus, in 14 countries of ... , by contrast, over-the-counter antibiotic use accounted for only 8 ...

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Russian scientists developed synthesised compound able to become basis for new antibiotics

... number of new drugs, including antibiotics, RIA Novosti reports As noted ... these properties to develop new antibiotics," the scientists said, adding ...

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Australian pharmacies lack antibiotics

... there is a shortage of antibiotics in Australian pharmacies due to ... situation with the shortage of antibiotics in Australian pharmacies will not ... that we are waiting for antibiotics to become available," Ms ...

Australia , antibiotics , pharmaceuticals

WHO announces global shortage of antibiotics

... led to a shortage of antibiotics, particularly penicillin and amoxicillin – as ... experiencing severe shortages of penicillin antibiotics. For example, in the USA ... association have reported shortages of antibiotics. Medical experts explains that since ... the coronavirus raged, demand for antibiotics fell while pressure on supply ...

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