Posted: 22.02.2024 16:43:00

Golovchenko at opening of modern polyclinic in Orsha

A new polyclinic has opened today in Orsha, with Belarus’ PM Roman Golovchenko congratulating all participants of the festive event on the appearance of a significant social facility, stressing that this is a really good gift for all citizens

The Prime Minister recalled that a programme for district accelerated development has been implemented in the Orsha District for five years. Its operation on paper ended last year; however, the development of the Orsha District did not stop.

Roman Golovchenko underlined, “Today a new polyclinic is coming into operation. This is a much-in-demand facility for Orsha residents. The state did not remain aloof from this site, investing about Br55m of budget funds into its construction. I’m sure this is a truly good gift for Orsha residents.”

Roman Golovchenko noted that the facility – built using the most modern technologies – is quipped with all necessary medical equipment and staffed with medical personnel. At the same time, this is not the last healthcare development facility in the Vitebsk Region.

“In the near future, a new building of the Vitebsk Regional Hospital of Infectious Diseases and a new surgical complex of the Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital will be commissioned. As far as medicine in the Orsha District is concerned, a new building of the city hospital No. 1 (named after Semashko) was put into operation in 2018, while a rehabilitation department was opened in Baran in 2020. Moreover, first aid stations, district outpatient facilities, and local hospitals were brought into proper condition, and the fleet of ambulances was significantly updated. The re-equipment of other healthcare institutions with modern equipment continues,” added the PM.

Summing up, Roman Golovchenko emphasised that the funds invested by the state in the construction of a new polyclinic in Orsha will definitely pay off, “This is a contribution to making this town modern and its population healthy.”