Posted: 14.05.2022 09:56:00

Foreigners invested $3.4bn in Belarus in three months

From January-March, foreign investors injected $3.4bn in the real sector of Belarus’ economy – as informed by the National Statistical Committee

Among the major investors of the country’s organisations were business entities of Russia (37.7 percent of all investments), Cyprus (22.9 percent), the Netherlands (8 percent) and Ukraine (6.6 percent). Foreign direct investment amounted to $3bn – or 88.8 percent of all foreign investment.

In turn, Belarus’ organisations invested $1.6bn abroad in the first three months of the year. Most funds went to business entities of the Russian Federation (81.9 percent), Ukraine (5.7 percent), Lithuania (2.4 percent) and Cyprus (2.2 percent). Direct investments accounted for 95.5 percent of all investments abroad.