EAEU created all conditions to raise share of settlements in national currencies

... share of settlements in national currencies – as noted by the official ... share of settlements in national currencies have been created, including the ... expand the use of national currencies in mutual settlements, the impact ... share of payments in national currencies in mutual settlements amounted to ...

EAEU , currency

Medvedev believes BRICS could create its own reserve currency

... and US Dollars to national currencies. This opinion, against the backdrop ... through the use of national currencies – the Russian Rouble, the Chinese ... creation of a new reserve currency of BRICS countries is also ...

Medvedev , currency , BRICS

Japarov: EAEU needs to switch to stable settlement algorithms in national currencies

... forms of settlements in national currencies is an important aspect of ... regard, the use of national currencies in mutual settlements for goods ...

japarov , eaeu , currency

EAEU currencies no worse than Dollars or Euros

... to the official, the national currencies of the EAEU member states ... to the use of national currencies not only in mutual trade ... foreign trade – widely. Actually, our currencies are no worse than Western ... ; In addition, the EAEU national currencies are supported by positive trade ... to the use of national currencies," Mr. Glazyev emphasised ...

eec , eaeu , currency

Bloomberg: Russian Rouble is world’s best performing currency in 2022

... gas supplies in the national currency of the Russian Federation. " ...

currency , dollar , russian rouble

German economist says Euro will collapse

... an alternative to the official currency – as stated by a German ... kill the Euro as a currency. “At this time, the European ...

currency , opinion

IMF: world will move away from Dollar dominance

The system of international relations has entered a phase of transformation: it is moving towards a multipolar world and leaving behind the total dominance of US Dollars in a financial and economic sphere – as stated by the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, TASS reports “We are moving along a path to a multipolar world. And this is simply reflecting an ascent of emerging markets in the global economy. So we know that, eventually, we will find ...

dollar , currency , us

Dollar likely to lose its global dominance, economist says

... , it became the most dynamic currency in the world, and the ... gas in Russian Roubles, this currency is gaining an increasing weight ... exhausted itself as the only currency, and many governments have already ... with each other in national currencies, and most of them are ... will develop trade in national currencies – and this is a very ... is the world's reserve currency which enjoys a great demand ...

dollar , currency

Expert names US main trump card in battle for world redistribution

... entangled the entire planet. This currency has become a measure of ... fact that – when exchanging other currencies for the US Dollar – we ... the status of a reserve currency can be lost. According to ...

us , currency

American expert predicts Dollar collapse

... expert warned Americans, “If our currency is no longer a reserve ...

usa , dollar , currency

Houthis ready to buy Russian wheat for Roubles

... – in Roubles, away from other currencies." It has become earlier ...

yemen , russia , currency

IMF believes anti-Russian sanctions may weaken Dollar influence in global financial system

... Dollar would remain a global currency even in that landscape but ... number of transactions using other currencies in global trade would lead ... ; in the mid-term, this currency would enjoy a high demand ...

dollar , currency , imf

China may switch to Roubles or Yuans in energy trade with Russia

... , “Market players can choose the currency for bilateral settlements – based on ... . The use of own national currencies in the process of regular ... co-operation may help avoid currency risks and reduce losses related ... to currency exchange." The Chinese Foreign ... will also make payments in currencies of other countries’.

china , russia , currency

The dollars had it coming…

... pricing and settlements in national currencies. Russian banks announced the ... yuan, Belarusian rubles and other currencies. And the other day, ... without global dominance, the American currency is not particularly needed. ... large, dozens of national currencies circulated in Europe in the ... transition to settlements in national currencies. Yes, everything is getting ... . In this kaleidoscope, national currencies will be the most reliable ... already started weakening against other currencies. Nobody needs it any ...

currency , dollar

BCSE to start trading Yuans

The Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange will start ... of the use of national currencies in foreign economic settlements by ... trading system of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange will offer ... the Chinese Yuan / Belarusian Rouble currency pair will be traded similarly ... to the main currencies included in the basket of ... foreign currencies – as a continuous double auction ...

bcse , currency , yuans

Foreign exchange markets experiencing speculative wave

Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, comments on the situation in foreign exchange market “The trends observed currently in the foreign exchange market – allegedly the Russian Rouble has weakened – are a speculative wave,” the expert told Alfa Radio . “These actions, including on the part of western investment funds, are aiming to undermine Russia's financial and economic stability and can be compared to an information campaign against the Russian ...

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Belarus' gold and foreign currency reserves reach $8.5bn

... , in October, gold and foreign currency reserves increased by $89.8m ... to the purchase of foreign currency by the National Bank at ... the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange, and also ... and domestic obligations in foreign currency in the amount of about ...

national bank , gold , currency

Belarus’ gold and foreign currency reserves stand at $8.5bn

... September 2021, gold and foreign currency reserves decreased by $36.8m ... and internal liabilities in foreign currency in the amount of about ... price. The inflow of foreign currency into the budget and the ... purchase of foreign currency by the National Bank at ... the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange auction contributed ... level of gold and foreign currency reserves last month. In line ...

gold , currency , national bank

Belarusians buy more foreign currency than sell

... , Belarusians bought $133m more foreign currency than they sold – as informed ... ) of cash and non-cash currency, while selling $7.819bn. Accordingly ... .208bn (in equivalent) of foreign currency and sold $19.766bn. Net ...

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