Aleinik: Belarus takes only retaliatory measures, declaring its readiness for equal dialogue

... of the country’s foreign policy and foreign economic activities in ... our diplomatic work: both foreign policy and foreign economics. Moreover, the ...

Belarus , foreign ministry , Aleinik , policy

Opinion: in its foreign policy Belarus acts according to circumstances and opportunities

... today. Therefore, in its foreign policy, Belarus has acted and is ...

belarus , opinion , policy , central asia

Deputy: Belarus is beacon for entire world in issues of international and domestic politics

The CSTO and the international policy of the President of Belarus ... The CSTO and the international policy of our President are of ... presupposes such division. Meanwhile, our policy is diametrically opposite. We offer ... politics, but also in domestic policy, “We are one of the ...

Klishevich , Belarus , policy

Deputy: Belarus doesn’t succumb to either Polish or Ukrainian provocations, because it wants peace

If Belarus had succumbed to provocations from Ukraine, Poland or other Western states, there would have been a war on our country’s territory long ago – as noted by deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Oleg Gaidukevich The deputy noted, “Everyone who comes from outside wishes us harm. No one will wish us well except ourselves. Therefore, all problems must be solved independently. The President of Belarus always talks about this. The war in Ukraine would have ended long ...

Gaidukevich , Belarus , policy

Expert explains US principles in building relations with countries

The United States of America is guided by three basic principles for building power relations with countries – as noted by Aleksei Podberezkin, the Director of the Centre for Military and Political Studies of the Russian Foreign Ministry MGIMO, in his talk with the Soloviev Live TV channel photo: www.reuters.com In particular, the expert stated, “The Americans have several principles for building power relations with Russia and other countries. One of them is for all states to feel bad. The ...

US , policy

Opinion: Western countries’ policies lead to collapse of their economies and degradation of financial systems

These are not the best times for the US Dollar and Euro, since the world is actively looking for an alternative to them in such large international associations as BRICS, SCO, and EAEU. The process of formation of multipolarity is also gaining momentum. The most important issue in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) was the introduction of payments in national currencies between its members instead of the US Dollar. After all, 26 percent of the global GDP comes ...

Opinion , Kovalev , policy , West , currency

MP: Warsaw pursuing anti-people policy, but, as our President said, we will explain everything to the Poles

... contradiction with common sense, the policy of openness and good neighbourly ... result of the anti-people policy. Their economic situation is deteriorating ... are being restricted. The foreign policy dependence of Warsaw on Washington ...

Belarus , Poland , policy

Poland’s PM calls EU migration policy ‘discriminatory’

The migration policy of the European Union means ...

Poland , refugee , EU , policy

Expert: President of Belarus consistently pursuing foreign policy course

... is consistently pursuing a foreign policy course at multiple level,” the ...

Gigin , Belarus , President , policy

Poll: Belarus’ policy is socially oriented

... confirm that the country’s policy is socially oriented, and this ... ’ assessments of the current state policy,” Mr. Myslivets added.

poll , Belarus , sociology , policy

Political scientist: US government is out of touch with reality

Washington’s short-sighted policy in financing the war in ... , and, of course, in the policy pursued by the United States.”

Opinion , USA , policy

Ukrainian politicians visited Belarus

... agro-towns are and what policies the state pursues in the ... of those who form the policy. I love Ukraine, I’m ...

Kochanova , policy , Ukraine

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