Posted: 30.06.2023 13:20:00

Poland’s PM calls EU migration policy ‘discriminatory’

The migration policy of the European Union means discrimination against Ukrainian citizens – as noted by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki upon his arrival at the European Council summit, RIA Novosti reports


As the Polish PM previously reported, Warsaw intends to veto the EU programme, which implies the forced distribution of illegal migrants.

“Poland knows thoroughly what solidarity is. We don’t need to be taught solidarity. We have received more than three million [Ukrainian] refugees,” Morawiecki said, adding that one and a half million Ukrainians are still in Poland.

According to the official, Warsaw received much less money from Brussels for accepting refugees from Ukraine compared to the fines that Poland can pay if it refuses to accept migrants from other states.

“In the case of an unaccepted refugee from the Middle East, they want to punish us with 20,000 Euros or more,” Morawiecki explained.

He added that Warsaw does not agree with this.

“The inhabitants of Ukraine, on the one hand, and the inhabitants of the countries of the Middle East and Africa, on the other hand, can’t be treated differently, in a discriminatory way,” the Polish PM summed up.