Posted: 28.09.2022 12:32:00

Political scientist: US government is out of touch with reality

Washington’s short-sighted policy in financing the war in Ukraine will negatively affect the upcoming elections, and the Democrats risk losing their positions – as noted by American political scientist Steve Samarin during his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel


The expert noted that now the United States is pumping weapons into Ukraine, throwing away billions of taxpayer US Dollars, “This is complete madness. Thus, the American authorities not only develop this conflict further, but also inflate the crisis in their country. Prices in the US are rising, the economy is in a very difficult state. The United States cannot now afford to give $6bn to support one of the parties to a regional conflict, the country already has enough problems that need to be addressed. Now more and more people are asking the leadership of the United States whether they are spending money correctly, taking it from the healthcare and education systems and pumping the military-industrial complex with taxpayer money.”

Steve Samarin recalled that the elections to the US Parliament are planned for November this year, “I think that the choice of the Americans will not be in favour of the current government. Most likely, we will see very serious changes in the American establishment, and, of course, in the policy pursued by the United States.”