EAEU adopted concept of implementing green economy principles

The EEC official representative, Iya Malkina, said ... green economy principles, and the EEC Board approved the relevant recommendation ... document is available on the EEC website,” the official representative said ...

eec , EAEU , malkina , green economy

EAEU industrial production up 3.5% in January-September and exceeded $1tr

... $1 trillion – as noted by EEC official representative Iya Malkina during ...

EAEU , EEC , industrial production

Kozhoshev: common energy markets in EAEU are to be launched from January 1st, 2025

... Forum Integration in Moscow, the EEC press service reports Photo: www ... In particular, he ... import and export directions. The EEC Minister also clarified that any ...

EAEU , EEC , energy market

Glazyev: EAEU has everything to become self-sufficient pole of emerging multipolar world

... of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), at a round table discussion ... , according to the EEC official website Photo: Sergey ... strive for interaction,” noted the EEC Minister.

EAEU , EEC , Glazyev , interaction

EEC: in January-September, Belarus saw EAEU’s highest industrial growth rate

... of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) In January–September of this ... 0.6 percent,” noted the EEC.

Belarus , EAEU , EEC , industrial production , growth

Nazaruk: need to use market protection tools has significantly increased for Belarus’ enterprises

Belarusian enterprises have significantly increased the need to use tools to protect their own market – as stated today by Belarus’ Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Nazaruk during a practice-oriented seminar for Belarusian enterprises on the application of measures to protect the internal market and measures of customs and tariff regulation in the EAEU “In the conditions of mutual sanctions and restrictions with Western countries, when Western brands have left or reduced their presence, it would ...

Belarus , EAEU , EEC , Nazaruk

EAEU unemployment dropped by over 14% since early 2023

... up 1.1 percent,” the EEC said.

EAEU , unemployment , EEC

EEC: freight traffic growth along North-South transport corridor may more than triple by 2030

... of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Arzybek Kozhoshev at the first ... million tonnes. According to the EEC Minister, the development of the ...

EEC , EAEU , transport corridor , cargo transportation

Unemployment in EAEU dropped by 10.7% over the year

Over the year, unemployment figures in the Eurasian Economic Union have decreased by 10.7 percent, the Eurasian Economic Commission reports It is noted that the number of unemployed registered in the EAEU employment agencies amounted to 916.8 thousand people as of late June 2023, which was 10.7 percent less against the same date in 2022. "Accordingly, the number of unemployed makes 1 percent of the workforce. In 2022, this figure was 1.1 percent," the EEC added.

unemployment , EAEU , EEC

Belarus submitted to EEC proposal on development of Eurasian Electric Bus interstate programme

... programme – as reported by the EEC industrial bloc with reference to ... Director of the EEC Industrial Policy Department Nikolai Rogozhnik ... It’s noted that the EEC held a meeting at which ... Economic Union took part. The EEC said, “According to the results ... of the meeting of the EEC Board of issues on the ... the report prepared by the EEC Industrial Policy Department: Experience of ...

Belarus , EEC

EEC: our efforts aimed at the development of Eurasian transport corridors

... spoke on this topic The EEC Transport and Infrastructure Department is ...

EEC , transport , infrastructure

EEC expects introduction of new world currency based on international agreement

... off from 2025 Photo: Speaking on the ... emphasised. As noted by the EEC Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics ... ; Mr. Glazyev said. As the EEC informed, the Consortium of Development ...

Glazyev , currency , International Economic Forum , eec

Eurasian Economic Union members discuss international activity results for 2022

... in co-operation projects. The EEC Council discussed this issue in ... industry. The members of the EEC Council also discussed a number ...

Petrishenko , Belarus , EEC

In 2022, 25 projects – with $21bn – from EAEU industrialisation map implemented

... during an online briefing by EEC official representative Iya Malkina According ... the information provided to the EEC by the Russian Energy Ministry ...

Malkina , EAEU , EEC

EAEU digital agenda being implemented

... , an official representative of the EEC, during an online briefing “The ... to more than seventy. The EEC sets itself the task of ...

EAEU , eec , digital space

EEC delegation discussed logistics hub opening in UAE

... Hashimi. As reported by the EEC , the parties exchanged views on ... administrative barriers to trade,” the EEC stressed. "We see a ...

eaeu , eec , uae

Myasnikovich discussed with Rosatom Director General implementation of co-operation projects in EAEU

... of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Mikhail Myasnikovich has met in ... reported in the EEC press service Photo: The ... the EAEU countries’. Earlier, the EEC determined measures to develop interaction ...

Myasnikovich , EAEU , EEC

EAEU plans to create Eurasian industrial zone in South Africa

... Belarus, Mzuvukile Jeff Maketuka, the EEC press service reports "The ... EEC Minister proposed to work out ... – consultations between representatives of the EEC and interested authorised officials of ...

eaeu , eec , South Africa

EEC commented on decision to start negotiations with the UAE on free trade zone

... of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), commented on the decision. Mr ... . Slepnev stressed that the EEC views the upcoming work not ... with an order of the EEC Council in April 2022. Based ... at a meeting of the EEC Council on November 25th. According ... to the EEC, from 2015 to 2021, the ...

eec , eaeu , uae

EEC, Indonesia to negotiate free trade agreement

... of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), Andrey Slepnev, and the Minister ... .” At the same time, the EEC Minister stated that there are ... the event. According to the EEC, from January-September 2022, the ...

eec , Indonesia

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