Posted: 30.11.2023 16:34:00

EAEU adopted concept of implementing green economy principles

The EEC official representative, Iya Malkina, said the EAEU adopted the concept of implementing the green economy principles, and the EEC Board approved the relevant recommendation


“The document was developed in order to implement the Strategy-2025,” Ms. Malkina noted.

The concept outlines four principles of the green economy in the EAEU: transparency and co-operative attractiveness in the implementation of green projects, exchange of experience and best practices of national climate regulation systems between member states, economic efficiency, increasing the gap between economic growth and anthropogenic impact on the environment.

According to Ms. Malkina, for the first time at the EAEU level, the document defines a range of internationally recognised criteria for classifying projects as green. “The use of these criteria will enable each EAEU state to ensure, on the one hand, the necessary balance between the protection of ecology and climate and, on the other hand, the achievement of national goals of sustainable socio-economic development,” she added.

Ms. Malkina stressed that the application of pan-Eurasian approaches to the development of the green economy creates conditions for mutual recognition of national environmental regulation systems and the non-use of so-called climate barriers, not only between the EAEU states, but also with external partners of the union supporting these principles.

“The EAEU countries are recommended to take into account the concept when developing measures for the transition to the green economy. The document is available on the EEC website,” the official representative said.