EAEU adopted concept of implementing green economy principles

... representative, Iya Malkina, said the EAEU adopted the concept of implementing ... the green economy in the EAEU: transparency and co-operative attractiveness ... the first time at the EAEU level, the document defines a ... these criteria will enable each EAEU state to ensure, on the ... barriers, not only between the EAEU states, but also with external ... union supporting these principles. “The EAEU countries are recommended to take ...

eec , EAEU , malkina , green economy

EAEU industrial production up 3.5% in January-September and exceeded $1tr

... , the industrial production in the EAEU member states increased by 3 ...

EAEU , EEC , industrial production

Kozhoshev: common energy markets in EAEU are to be launched from January 1st, 2025

... in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) are set to be launched ... particular, he spoke about the EAEU integration agenda in energy and ... for energy resources of the EAEU, which are planned to be ... of the economy of the EAEU member states, “The efficiency of ... in the functioning of the EAEU common energy markets.” In the ... as new opportunities for the EAEU economic development and the creation ... that development strategies in the EAEU are focused not on competition ...

EAEU , EEC , energy market

Glazyev: EAEU has everything to become self-sufficient pole of emerging multipolar world

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has everything to become a ... the Russian presidency of the EAEU in 2023, according to the ... steps were taken in the EAEU, which contributed to the stabilisation ... , supporting economic ties within the EAEU.” He also stated that Eurasian ... everything necessary to make the EAEU one of the independent and ...

EAEU , EEC , Glazyev , interaction

EEC: in January-September, Belarus saw EAEU’s highest industrial growth rate

... of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was recorded in Belarus – according ... –September of this year, the EAEU volume of industrial production totalled ...

Belarus , EAEU , EEC , industrial production , growth

Nazaruk: need to use market protection tools has significantly increased for Belarus’ enterprises

... and tariff regulation in the EAEU “In the conditions of mutual ... products in the Belarusian and EAEU markets,” said the official. However ... are not produced in the EAEU member states and belong to ...

Belarus , EAEU , EEC , Nazaruk

EAEU unemployment dropped by over 14% since early 2023

... in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has decreased by 14.2 ... unemployed people registered with the EAEU employment services as of late ...

EAEU , unemployment , EEC

Lukashenko signed laws on amendments to EAEU Treaty

... in the legislation of the EAEU countries for violating mandatory requirements ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Overchuk: EAEU countries develop dynamically despite sanctions

... percent level among the five EAEU member states, while making 19 ... -20.3 percent. Within the EAEU, we fully provide ourselves with ...

overchuk , Verona Eurasian Economic Forum , Samarkand , EAEU

EEC: freight traffic growth along North-South transport corridor may more than triple by 2030

... of particular importance for the EAEU member states. The Eurasian Railway ...

EEC , EAEU , transport corridor , cargo transportation

Krutoi: Belarus’ economy developing successfully and overcoming Western sanctions’ influence

... also noted that today the EAEU member states account for 67 ... Belarus’ trade “In fact, the EAEU has replaced two-thirds of ...

Belarus , Russia , Krutoi , EAEU

Unemployment in EAEU dropped by 15% over the year

Unemployment in the Eurasian Economic Union decreased by 15 percent over the year, according to the information published on the website of the Eurasian Economic Commission The statement reads, “The number of unemployed people registered with the employment services of the Eurasian Economic Union member states of late August 2023 stood at 892,900 people – 15 percent down compared to the same date in 2022.” Thus, the unemployed make up 0.9 percent of the labour force. Last year this figure was ...

EAEU , unemployment

Belarus leading EAEU industrial growth

... in the growth of the EAEU industrial production, the Eurasian Economic ... , industrial production growth within the EAEU made 102.8 percent against ... volume of production in the EAEU processing industry increased by 6 ...

Belarus , EAEU

Krutoi: EAEU experience in removing barriers can be used its interaction with BRICS

... view during the panel session – EAEU and BRICS: The Role in ... potential for interaction between the EAEU and the BRICS member states ... associations. “Mutual trade between the EAEU and BRICS countries has grown ... total trade turnover of the EAEU has already exceeded 30 percent ... noted the activities within the EAEU to remove barriers as a ... very important experience. “The EAEU’s ten-year experience on ... , then we must extrapolate this EAEU mechanism to barriers in new ...

EAEU , BRICS , Krutoi , integration , economy

Unemployment in EAEU dropped by 10.7% over the year

Over the year, unemployment figures in the Eurasian Economic Union have decreased by 10.7 percent, the Eurasian Economic Commission reports It is noted that the number of unemployed registered in the EAEU employment agencies amounted to 916.8 thousand people as of late June 2023, which was 10.7 percent less against the same date in 2022. "Accordingly, the number of unemployed makes 1 percent of the workforce. In 2022, this figure was 1.1 percent," the EEC added.

unemployment , EAEU , EEC

Malkina: EAEU intensifies ties with African countries

... international co-operation between the EAEU and African countries – as stated ... the authorised bodies of the EAEU member states – was instructed to ... the business circles of the EAEU and the African continent, including ... sending business missions of the EAEU members to African countries,” added ...

EAEU , Africa , Malkina , co-operation

Aleinik on Belarus’ accession to BRICS: our application is a priority

... was put forward at the EAEU summit in Bishkek in December ... of the BRICS, SCO, and EAEU summit. We’re confident that ...

Belarus , BRICS , Aleinik , EAEU , SCO

Golovchenko revealed Belarus' priorities in upcoming work on defining new guidelines for EAEU development

... deepening integration processes within the EAEU and determining the strategic vectors ... is the first point. “The EAEU countries enjoy significant reserves of ... the further development of the EAEU energy block,” Mr. Golovchenko said ... be extremely difficult for the EAEU member states to go beyond ... a real direction of the EAEU development, with support of joint ...

golovchenko , EAEU

Belarus leaded EAEU industrial production growth in H1 2023

... volume of production in the EAEU manufacturing industry increased by 6 ...

EAEU , industry , economy

EAEU trade volumes doubled in seven years to exceed $83bn

... , the mutual trade of the EAEU member states increased by 87 ... . It is informed that the EAEU is now in first place ... and mineral fertiliser production. The EAEU is third for production of ... ). At the same time, the EAEU countries are developing payment and ...

EAEU , trade

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