First AI teacher started working in India

... first robot-teacher based on artificial intelligence has begun working at a ... by using the capabilities of artificial intelligence to create truly personalised learning ... of education may be, where artificial intelligence will play a supporting role.

india , Artificial intelligence , robots , school

Media: Pentagon to use AI in military sphere

... of Defence Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer, said that the military ...

Artificial intelligence , Pentagon , usa , technology , military

Google allocated €25m to support AI training and skills across Europe

... in Europe learn to use artificial intelligence (AI), Reuters reports PHOTO: WWW ...

Google , artificial intelligence , Europe

8m+ Italian white-collar workers may become unemployed because of AI

... of Italian companies have implemented artificial intelligence systems and 13 percent plan ...

italy , Artificial intelligence , unemployment

NATO to allocate $1.1bn to develop AI projects as financial competition to China

... Innovation Fund supports projects using artificial intelligence, space and biotechnology. Investment of ...

nato , innovation , Artificial intelligence

They approach the matter wisely

... is working on creating an artificial intelligence platform that will bring ... this field Developments related to artificial intelligence (AI) have been making ... are working on creating an artificial intelligence platform. It will bring ... future forum Artificial Intelligence in Belarus, the Leader of Artificial Intelligence competition will ... also evaluate companies and their artificial intelligence technologies that they have ... number of technologies related to artificial intelligence. — We are working on ...

belarus , National Academy of Sciences , artificial intelligence , AI , science , technology

Digital fascism

... new round of technological development, artificial intelligence is being turned into a ... about the need to control artificial intelligence (AI) and the advantages ... 18th, 2023, Musk announced that artificial intelligence would overthrow the communists and ... Türk also stressed that artificial intelligence capable of generating text or ... PRC. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is possible to significantly ... interesting! The UN International Summit Artificial Intelligence for Good in Geneva deserves ...

world , technologies , artificial intelligence , control

Wit works woe 2.0

... threat? Today, the concept of ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) has firmly entered our ... of civilisation’. So what is artificial intelligence, and why is it unique ... world around him. The term ‘artificial intelligence’ was first proposed by the ...

artificial intelligence , IT industry , science , world , danger , society , civilisation

Google CEO warned about AI danger

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said artificial intelligence can cause harm if deployed ... experts, researchers and supporters of artificial intelligence, including Twitter owner Elon Musk ...

Artificial intelligence , Google , danger

Tesla, Apple urged AI labs to immediately stop part of development

... called on the creators of artificial intelligence to stop the research of ... experts in the field of artificial intelligence, including Elon Musk who heads ... letter reads. Experts say that artificial intelligence systems can pose a serious ... and is recognised by leading artificial intelligence laboratories. It is stated in ...

Artificial intelligence , cosmos , science

Neural networks prepare weather forecast and act as its presenter in Russia

Stavropol’s Svoe TV channel has launched a weather forecast programme, in which the presenter and her voice are completely generated by neural networks, Championat reports Photo: The Svoe TV channel has launched a new television project, within the framework of which a unique programme – Forecast of the Future – is broadcast, with virtual Snezhana Tumanova acting as its presenter. She is ambitious and aims to completely replace human competitors. Meanwhile, the TV channel ...

neural network , Artificial intelligence , russia

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