Markov: no revolution for Belarus’ Information Ministry

... stated by Information Minister Marat Markov following the results of the ... clear and consistent work,” Mr. Markov said. The Information Minister noted ... should be at present, Mr. Markov stressed, “We have specific strategic ... develop along this path,” Mr. Markov explained.

Markov , information ministry , Belarus

Opinion: Lukashenko, Putin play huge role in preserving sovereignty of Belarus, Russia

... Second National TV Channel, Marat Markov, during the Minsk-Moscow Union ... internal situation in Russia, Mr. Markov explained how Belarus managed to ... the country.” According to Mr. Markov, attempts are now being made ... will not fall apart.” Mr. Markov recalled that, in 2020, a ... their terms to us,” Mr. Markov said.

Belarus , russia , Lukashenko , Putin , Markov , opinion

Expert: we need to analyse legislative framework and pause everything that infringes Belarus’ security

... Second National TV Channel Marat Markov in his talk with the ...

Markov , Belarus , CFE Treaty , security

Expert on tactics of Western special services against Belarus, Russia

... Second National TV Channel, Marat Markov, commented on the subversive activities ... the territory of Belarus,” Mr. Markov said. “We remember the terrorist ... , but – as noted by Mr. Markov – many aspects of the daily ... by force from abroad,” Mr. Markov said. “Why is militarisation taking ... .” At the same time, Mr. Markov emphasised that telephone methods of ... without using your fists,” Mr. Markov added.

Belarus , russia , special services , markov , opinion

Expert on methods used by the West to destabilise global situation

... Second National TV Channel, Marat Markov, in his talk with Alfa ... Radio Mr. Markov listed several points as an ...

west , protests , markov , opinion , russia , belarus , Hong Kong

Markov on meeting with security services: President outlined tasks for all of us

... Second National TV Channel, Marat Markov, in his talk with Alfa ... should see it,” explained Marat Markov. “In general, I think, the ...

Markov , Belarus , President , security bloc

Markov: programme implemented in Ukraine was first supposed to happen in Belarus in 2020

... Second National TV Channel Marat Markov explains why such statements are ... being made right now. Marat Markov believes that people who fled ... bare hands,” summed up Marat Markov.

Markov , Ukraine , Belarus

Opinion: Latvia creates enemies from Belarus, Russia to divert attention from its domestic inflation

... talk with Alfa Radio , Marat Markov, the Chairman of the Board ... the situation. According to Mr. Markov, Latvia creates an enemy image ... something threatens their countries, Mr. Markov added. “Actually, the Belarusian army ...

Belarus , russia , latvia , lithuania , poland , Markov , opinion

Markov: Africa has always been source of enrichment for the West

... Second National TV Channel Marat Markov explained the essence of what ... Alfa Radio . According to Marat Markov, Africa – thanks to the resources ...

Markov , Africa , West , France , Niger

Markov on talks between Lukashenko and Xi Jinping: these two wise leaders should have met

... has just concluded and Marat Markov, the Chairman of the Board ... talk with Alfa Radio Marat Markov noted that today China is ... leaders should have met.” Marat Markov drew attention to the fact ...

Opinion , Markov , Belarus , China

Markov: Western-trained militants are toy regiments with weapons to create provocations

... negotiations – as stated by Marat Markov, the Chairman of the Board ... , as any war ends,” Marat Markov is sure. He added that ...

Opinion , Markov , weapons , Ukraine , NATO

Markov: without West’s military assistance to Kiev, hostilities in Ukraine would have ended long ago

... way – as noted by Marat Markov, the Chairman of the Board ... Belarus 1 video screenshot Marat Markov gave several figures as an ... do their job,” added Marat Markov. “The President, as a guarantor ...

Markov , Ukraine , Belarus

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