Posted: 13.06.2024 15:23:00

Markov: no revolution for Belarus’ Information Ministry

The policy pursued by the Information Ministry over the past few years will remain a priority – as stated by Information Minister Marat Markov following the results of the President’s personnel decisions

“The line that the Information Ministry has been following over the past few years is correct, and I know quite well how that work was carried out. There will definitely be no revolution in this regard. There will be absolutely clear and consistent work,” Mr. Markov said.

The Information Minister noted that close work with the President Administration will continue, and he personally will rely in his professional activity on the experience of working on TV channels. “I clearly understand what the tasks are, and what they will be. Moreover, the period is now very interesting. First of all, we are talking about consistent development, and not about making a revolution in some area or a show in our work,” he said.

Referring to what information policy should be at present, Mr. Markov stressed, “We have specific strategic tasks, and we should primarily ensure further complete dominance in our own information field. We have achieved this to a certain extent mostly thanks to the traditional media and also new media. Another task is to spread truthful information about Belarus abroad as much as possible. We are slightly restricted here by the tools with which we are trying to do this.”

In particular, as the Information Minister clarified, most of these tools are ‘enemy’, and it is necessary to take this circumstance into account, since the Belarusian media – despite subscriptions and the Internet – may at any moment find themselves blocked. At the same time, it is now possible to use new world associations that are not subject to this kind of ‘democratic influence’.

“There are SCO countries, there are BRICS, the Union State, and the EAEU, so we need to create or improve working information tools within these structures and convey information to the outside through them. I think the Information Ministry will be able to work more actively with similar structures in friendly countries in this regard. We will develop along this path,” Mr. Markov explained.