Posted: 21.02.2024 17:56:09

Expert on methods used by the West to destabilise global situation

The West uses the same manuals and scenarios when rocking the situation in different countries of the world – as stated by the Chairman of the Board of the Second National TV Channel, Marat Markov, in his talk with Alfa Radio

Mr. Markov listed several points as an example, “These are consolidation through messengers, blinding of security officers with pointers, rousing doctors to action, accusing the authorities of violence, an attempt to seize state institutions, abuse of state symbols. When were such acts committed [in Belarus]? You will say in 2020, and you will be right. Actually, all these points were worked out in Hong Kong in 2019 – including people on wheelchairs, white clothes, and ribbons. Two million people came out then. They were taken to the streets in line with a certain training manual, and the Belarusian scenario was being elaborated at that time as well. It was later used in our country. In Hong Kong, everything ended in nothing, because COVID began spreading, people got scared and left the streets. This is a fact. No need to pretend that we are so smart here. True, they will work against us exclusively as well, but please note that all these manuals are the same.”

The expert noted that it is now important to look at what is happening in Russia on the eve of the presidential elections, ‘what technologies are used, what actions will be performed’, “Look, they brought Navalny on stage. Is this something new? Didn’t we witness something of the kind? We had the same situation. Well, Navalnaya suddenly appeared in Munich at a security conference at the time of her husband's death. It was even difficult for her to hide a smile. We need to be ready for terrorist attacks, diversions, the arrival of saboteurs with weapons, ammunition, and explosives. This all is already present in Russia, and it can come to us. There is no need to hide a head in the sand like an ostrich.”