Posted: 07.10.2021 15:19:00

Belarus’ gold and foreign currency reserves stand at $8.5bn

As of October 1st, international reserve assets of the Republic of Belarus totalled $8,459.9m (in equivalent), according to preliminary data – as reported by the National Bank’s Information and PR Department


In September 2021, gold and foreign currency reserves decreased by $36.8m (0.4 percent) after an increase in August by $1,054.3m (14.2 percent).

As the National Bank has informed, the decrease in the level of international reserve assets in September was mainly due to the Government’s planned repayment of external and internal liabilities in foreign currency in the amount of about $240m, as well as the reduction of monetary gold price.

The inflow of foreign currency into the budget and the purchase of foreign currency by the National Bank at the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange auction contributed to maintaining the level of gold and foreign currency reserves last month.

In line with the Monetary Policy Guidelines for 2021, the volume of international reserve assets should be at least $6bn as of January 1st, 2022.