Google's competitor in India introduced its own app store

The Indian IT company, PhonePe, has launched its Indus AppStore as an analogue to the American Google Play and Apple's AppStore, TASS reports Photo: PhonePe's press release following the recent launch ceremony in New Delhi says that Indus AppStore is the company’s attempt to create a more competitive and locally oriented application market for India, which is already the largest one in the world in terms of downloads. According to PhonePe, 200 thousand applications and games ...

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China sees more and more "gigabit cities"

... Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently In a factory ... gigabit 5G and optical fiber technologies, and actively explored the deployment ... , southwest China's Sichuan province, technologies such as 5G, Internet of ...

China , gigabit cities , technology

Media: Pentagon to use AI in military sphere

... a meeting with leaders of technology companies and discussed the possibilities ... officials ‘asked for help’ from technology companies. They noted that ‘it ... able to use AI without technology companies’. According to the source ... , technologies of large language models (LLM) – ...

Artificial intelligence , Pentagon , usa , technology , military

A battery of necessary ideas

... the research and development of technologies for processing lithium-ion ... research and development of processing technologies has been opened this ... : The basic battery recycling technology to be available by year ... the industrial implementation of the technology, it is definitely easier ... specialist. In general, the technology of battery recycling is already ... “There are undoubtedly similar recycling technologies in the world. Yet, each ... its consumer. And the Belarusian technology is its own, unique,” ...

technology , battery , recycling , science

How to ensure technology sovereignty

... be honest: sanctions have hit technological development hard. Still, many enterprises ... the issue of both technological development and technological safety is at the ... so-called Western partners, technological sovereignty and the substitution of ... biotechnology. Of course, scientific and technological development requires its own scale ... still; it develops and deepens technologically. Planar, a manufacturer of lithographic ... electronics. Or, for example, technological equipment. In Belarus alone, the ...

Lukashenko , technology , high-tech industries , microchip , safety

China to accelerate development of advanced technologies

... development and implementation of innovative technologies in the country, primarily, ... Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, ... the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Transport, ... the area of innovative technologies and accelerate the creation ... at least 100 major advanced technologies, and by 2027, the ... in the field of future technologies’ and achieve global leadership ... for the development of advanced technologies include healthcare, information, new ...

China , technology , development

Navigating the future

... field of science and high technology. The National Children’s Technopark ... –11 grades study in the technology park in 15 areas — from ... architecture and design to aerospace technologies and nanoindustry. For example, today ... they need to prepare a technological task for creating parts on ...

Belarus , education , National Children’s Technopark , technology

Expert said in future AI could become greater threat than nuclear weapons

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies may, in the next stages ...

AI , technology , nuclear energy

It’s all about the numbers

... companies should massively master cloud technologies and make friends with artificial ... the interim results of the technological transformation programme. Its recent report ... the state of German digital technologies, notes a very low ... the benefits of the new technological order. For comparison: In ... telecommunications services using LTE (4G) technology, according to Belstat, is 98 ... course, some people ignore digital technologies. But this is his ... ‘cut’. The value of technological innovation is not in its ...

Belarus , Internet , digitalisation , technology

Number of cyberattacks in Italy increased significantly in H1 2023

In the first six months of 2023, cyberattacks in Italy rose by 40 percent compared to the corresponding period last year, according to the report of the Italian Association for Information Security (CLUSIT), quotes from which are cited by RIA Novosti photo: It is also reported that in other countries the increase in cyberattacks stands at 11 percent. Thus, Italy exceeded this figure by almost four times. “Last year we wrote: ‘Italy is in the crosshairs’. The country accounts ...

Italy , technology , cyberattack

Intellectual independence

... form a completely independent technology policy Is technological independence possible? It ... is advisable to purchase certain technologies, materials, and components abroad. ... And today, along with technological sovereignty, it is necessary to ... of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, “Technological sovereignty and the substitution of ... and practical conference The Science — Technology — Innovation System, organised by ... , the international supermarket of technological solutions was not customer-oriented ...

Belarus , science , technology , independence

UK to create world’s first AI Safety Institute

... . He expressed confidence that this technology will have the same far ... . However, Sunak underlined that new technologies bring new threats and fears ...

UK , Sunak , AI , technology

New reality

... industrial sector Today, virtual reality technologies, although hesitantly, are increasingly coming ... for the use of VR technologies. A Belarusian company, a resident ... virtual, projection and augmented reality technologies, and also have the necessary ... are currently the most advanced technology for training, which provides full ...

Belarus , HTP , resident , VR , simulators , industry , technology

China's computing industry scale reached $362.2bn in 2022

... generation of information and communication technology has transformed the pattern of ... Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said, adding that the computing ... technology and the computing industry are ... , the construction of closely related technology and product clusters, and the ...

china , technology , computing industry

Belarus, South Korea share experience in smart city technologies

... the development of smart city technologies, taking into account the Belarusian ...

Belarus , South Korea , smart city , technology

Illusion zone

... people’s minds through Internet technologies. For each such step we ... , corporate circles of ways, methods, technologies, and most importantly, the philosophy ... is such an advanced political technology trick: a bunch of fools ...

Western world , philosophy , technology , managing , manipulating , consciousness , masses

They approach the matter wisely

... in the introduction of AI technologies or not, but only how ... interested in the development of technologies tied to AI. In the ... companies and their artificial intelligence technologies that they have implemented over ... are already working with such technologies in the country are large ... to develop a number of technologies related to artificial intelligence. — We ...

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Components of our progress

... the development of technology is gaining momentum. Technological warfare has ... security. Aleksandr Gorbash Scientific and technological security — the state of ... protection of scientific, technological and educational potentials from ... and scientific and technological potential; • creation of innovative technologies, intensive renewal ... beneficial international scientific and technological co-operation and attracting advanced ... . In the scientific and technological sphere, a comprehensive development ...

belarus , national security , science , technology

Defence from a comprehensive perspective

... 11th international arms and defence technology expo MILEX 2023 in Minsk ... with the use of high technologies and artificial intelligence, and also ... the international arms and defence technology expo MILEX 2023 on May ... the most important and high-technology sectors of the economy. In ... international scientific conference on military technology co-operation in the area ... , the use of dual-use technologies MILEX.INNOVATIONS 2023, which was ...

MILEX , arms , defence , technology , expo

Shanghai strives to create scientific and technological innovations

... to create a scientific and technological innovation centre with global influence ... the University of Science and Technology of China, located in ... Zhangjiang Science and Technology City in Pudong, will become ... development of quantum technologies. Shanghai organises scientific and technological activities, financial support ... accelerate the development of key technologies. Today, there are 100 ... activities are related to quantum technology, applied mathematics, artificial intelligence ...

China , Shanghai , innovation , technology

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