Cocoa bean prices hit record high

Exchange prices for cocoa beans exceeded $11, ... that their authorities raise purchase prices.

cocoa bean , prices , record

Cocoa prices exceed $10,000 per tonne for first time ever

Exchange prices for cocoa beans exceeded $10, ... 138 percent increase in cocoa prices over the course of the ... caused a further increase in prices for chocolate and entire groups ...

cocoa beans , prices

Expert on sanctions against Russia: skyrocketing prices will affect European market in month or two

... unrealisable price ceilings. Global oil prices fluctuate because of the developing ... the bypass to reach Europe. Prices are skyrocketing, and this situation ...

europe , sanctions , prices , Belyaev , opinion

Fight for the scraps…

... this subjectivity results in soaring prices for energy resources and record ... the past couple of years prices have increased quite significantly. As ...

EU , economy , food , prices , poverty

Media: German authorities spent about €31bn on measures to limit gas and electricity prices

... on implementing measures to limit prices for gas, electricity and heating ... allocated €83.3bn to curb prices this year. However, at present ... , prices for new clients are usually ... government approved measures to limit prices for gas, electricity and heating ...

Germany , prices , gas , electricity , heating

Middle East crisis could disrupt oil supplies and trigger price hikes

... global oil supplies and push prices higher, The Associated Press reports ... conflict could push up oil prices higher, Executive Director of the ... be hit hardest by higher prices, he said.

IEA , Middle East , crisis , oil , prices

Expert on the reasons for global economic decline

... world is the rise in prices for raw materials in ... in Ukraine and sanctions. Prices for many raw materials began ... the start of the conflict prices varied around $80-90 ... reached $130. Lately, oil prices have been hovering around $85 ... around the world. Gas prices for European consumers began to ... almost doubled, leading to rising prices for gasoline and electricity in ... note the sharp rise in prices for agricultural products. Since ... corn, sunflower and other products, prices for them have also increased ...

Bainev , world economy , prices , inflation

Britons warned of tough winter and possible price hike

... Britons and growth in energy prices is not ruled out, RIA ... pay their electricity bills. “While prices have come down, they are ...

UK , prices , energy

Expert on the consequences of drought in Europe and grain prices

... the world, which means that prices will go up. “The increase ... in prices due to restrictions on the ...

prices , grain , global hunger , Russia

Since early 2023, prices of EAEU agricultural producers dropped by 2.6%

Prices of agricultural producers in the ... press service “In May 2023, prices of the EAEU agricultural producers ... , there was a decrease in prices of agricultural producers in Armenia ... .3 percent. An increase in prices by 6.2 percent was ...

EAEU , Belarus , prices , agricultural goods

Prices for luxury Rolex and Patek watches dropped

Prices for luxury Swiss watches – such ... and the collapse of cryptocurrencies. Prices peaked in February last year ... previous 30 days, shows that prices for the most popular used ...

rolex , watches , prices , brands , patek

French finance minister: France to face higher inflation in future

... and climate change will pressure prices in coming years. The government ... both having an effect on prices.

France , inflation , prices

Gold jewellery recycling in India to reach record level in 2023

... : “If local prices continue to rise, recycled bullion ... put some pressure on international prices, currently near $1,960 an ... ounce. Gold prices in India have jumped by ...

India , gold , prices

Germany sees biggest drop in retail sales since 1994

... a significant increase in food prices in Germany. Thus, in annual ... terms, prices increased by 22.3 percent.

Germany , prices

Rising cost of living in Italy becoming unbearable

... to the fall in energy prices, but this is not enough ... , has not yet affected the prices of all goods,” Dona said ... . He noted that prices in Italy are growing too ...

Italy , prices

Japan wholesale egg prices up by 76%

... the biggest growth of egg prices since 1991, Nikke reports photo ...

Japan , avian flu , prices

French authorities agreed with retailers to curb rise in food prices

... will curb the rise in prices for essential food items as ... allow for the lowest possible prices for a number of products ... terms, the increase in food prices in February in France amounted ...

France , prices , food

Expert explains why grain prices are growing

... by a sharp rise in prices for relatively cheap wheat and ... last spring and summer caused prices for wheat and other grains ... of Ukrainian ports was resolved, prices for wheat and other crops ... , at their peak, world wheat prices jumped by more than 63 ... remembering the jumps in food prices that provoked riots in developing ...

world market , grain , prices , avdonin , opinion

PM reported on control of import prices, and President told a story about cocoa beans

The situation with prices for imported goods has been ... the domestic market at adequate prices. As of today, the scheme ... to the Belarusian market at prices lower than the existing ones ...

Lukashenko , golovchenko , imports , prices

Lukashenko demanded detailed calculation of prices in cases of their growth from Government

At today’s meeting on pricing issues, the President – while anticipating ... the growth rate of consumer prices since October 2022. In Q4 ... . According to analytical materials, consumer prices for regulated goods decreased by ... by 0.5 percent, and prices for the regulated products became ... dealing with the reduction in prices for imported goods: vegetable oil ... by the Government to regulate pricing have not become systematic solutions ... further adjustment.” In December 2022, prices for certain everyday food also ...

Lukashenko , government , prices

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