Germany sees biggest drop in retail sales since 1994

... a significant increase in food prices in Germany. Thus, in annual ... terms, prices increased by 22.3 percent.

Germany , prices

Rising cost of living in Italy becoming unbearable

... to the fall in energy prices, but this is not enough ... , has not yet affected the prices of all goods,” Dona said ... . He noted that prices in Italy are growing too ...

Italy , prices

Japan wholesale egg prices up by 76%

... the biggest growth of egg prices since 1991, Nikke reports photo ...

Japan , avian flu , prices

French authorities agreed with retailers to curb rise in food prices

... will curb the rise in prices for essential food items as ... allow for the lowest possible prices for a number of products ... terms, the increase in food prices in February in France amounted ...

France , prices , food

Expert explains why grain prices are growing

... by a sharp rise in prices for relatively cheap wheat and ... last spring and summer caused prices for wheat and other grains ... of Ukrainian ports was resolved, prices for wheat and other crops ... , at their peak, world wheat prices jumped by more than 63 ... remembering the jumps in food prices that provoked riots in developing ...

world market , grain , prices , avdonin , opinion

PM reported on control of import prices, and President told a story about cocoa beans

The situation with prices for imported goods has been ... the domestic market at adequate prices. As of today, the scheme ... to the Belarusian market at prices lower than the existing ones ...

Lukashenko , golovchenko , imports , prices

Lukashenko demanded detailed calculation of prices in cases of their growth from Government

At today’s meeting on pricing issues, the President – while anticipating ... the growth rate of consumer prices since October 2022. In Q4 ... . According to analytical materials, consumer prices for regulated goods decreased by ... by 0.5 percent, and prices for the regulated products became ... dealing with the reduction in prices for imported goods: vegetable oil ... by the Government to regulate pricing have not become systematic solutions ... further adjustment.” In December 2022, prices for certain everyday food also ...

Lukashenko , government , prices

PM: prices under control, with growth index in January being lowest in 20 years

The pricing situation in the country is ... meeting with the President on pricing issues Photo: ...

Belarus , Golovchenko , prices

Expert explained what will determine further oil price growth on world market

... regarding the growth of oil prices at the moment, since it ... today that oil and gas prices do not fall below the ...

borovik , opinion , oil , prices

Egypt sees high inflation rates

... to the further rise in prices for essential goods. For example ... , food prices in the country increased by ... noted that the rise in prices is associated with the consequences ...

Egypt , inflation , prices

Interia: sharp jump in food prices predicted for Poland

... a sharp jump in food prices amid rising energy tariffs, with ... , the most noticeable increase in prices will be seen for alcoholic ... was a significant increase in prices, including for fuel, because of ...

Poland , prices

Swiss Investment Bank forecasts oil prices in 2023

... , we continue to believe higher prices are needed to slow down ...

Oil , prices

It is unfortunate, but true

... understandable demands to lower the prices of gas and electricity, to ...

Moldova , protests , prices , gas

Barcelona resident: Lukashenko is strong leader, who holds the country

... led to sharp increase in prices. “You are taking a normal ... your own population. You raise prices. It is not at all ...

Lukashenko , Europe , prices

Russia will stop oil supplies to countries supporting price cap

Russia will not supply oil to countries that impose a price cap – as informed by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, TASS reports Photo: "We have repeatedly said that the implementation of the so–called Russian oil price cap is an anti-market measure, that disrupts supply chains and can seriously complicate the situation on global energy markets. Russia does not intend to supply oil to countries that will join the buyers' cartel,& ...

oil , Zakharova , prices

Estonian Defence Minister said his gas bills increased 15-fold

... a sharp increase in energy prices, with both businesses and ordinary ...

estonia , gas , prices

Bulgarian Parliament to set up temporary commission on firewood shortage

... of firewood shortage and high prices, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ...

Bulgaria , firewood , prices

Saudi Arabian Energy Ministry says OPEC+ will remain cautious on oil production

... supported the rise in oil prices, according to Bloomberg. “This issue ...

OPEC+ , Saudi Arabia , oil , prices

Lukashenko: prices should be set according to rules determined by the state

... return to the topic of pricing, “So you must be ready ... need to set prices. Let them set the prices themselves but in ...

Lukashenko , prices

Bloomberg: EU won’t introduce gas price cap because of political disagreements

... set a ceiling on gas prices in the near future – according ...

EU , gas , prices

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