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... best athletes competed for the victory in the decisive stage. Mariya ...

Belarus , sport , pentathlon , Mariya Gnedtchik , victory

Kochanova: world is fragile, and our memory of Great Patriotic War helps understand what we can lose

... unity, our bonds of the victory – that gave us our modern ...

kochanova , trostinets , victory , memory

Volfovich: we should value peace on our land more than before

... live to see the bright Victory Day, but believed in it ...

volfovich , Great Patriotic War , victory

Lukashenko: inhuman cruelty did not break Belarusians’ will

... war and the price of victory, the Belarusian people preserve the ...

Lukashenko , Great Patriotic War , victory

Opinion: it’s Belarus’ sacred duty to cherish the memory of Great Patriotic War victims

Representatives of the Information Ministry, subordinate organisations and leading media have laid flowers today at Minsk’s mass grave of soldiers and civilians in honour of National Remembrance Day of Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of Belarusian People Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, noted the importance of preserving historical memory in the name of a happy and peaceful future of Belarus. “Due to what is happening in the world now, ...

Eismont , Great Patriotic War , victory , historical memory

Chairman of Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions urged Scholz not to provoke War III

... Parliament in Strasbourg to the Victory Day Parade, held traditionally in ... , any relaxation can cost dear. “Victory Day parades and processions have ... even the duty of the victorious people – those who not simply ...

orda , Scholz , victory , memory

To keep the skies peaceful

... the celebration of the Great Victory in the war over Nazi ...

Belarusian army , Armed Forces of Belarus , Victory , military

Belarus at OSCE: Nazism should not raise its head again

... of the 78th anniversary of Victory in World War II. As ... the 78th anniversary of the Victory in World War II. It ... superiority and misanthropy symbolises the victory of Good over Evil and ... legally consolidated the gains of Victory over Nazism, the crimes committed ...

osce , second world war , victory , nazism

Radio Pobeda broadcasting launched in Belarus

The Radio Pobeda [Victory] – a joint project of the ... . Moreover, with information reports, the Victory’s main voice – of Yuri ...

pobeda radio , victory

Racket that brings peace

Aryna Sabalenka Aryna Sabalenka’s victory at the Australian Open rocked ... first and very long-awaited victory in the Grand Slam final ... for you, wishing you new victories!” However, not only the President ... has no place in this victory. ‘Well done, Aryna!’ and ‘Wow ... how they unanimously assessed the victory. Aryna Sabalenka and Elena Rybakina ... farfetched by political adventurers. The victory of Aryna Sabalenka in Melbourne ...

Sabalenka , victory , Australian Open , WTA

Belarus celebrates National Remembrance Day of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of the Belarusian People

... who contributed to the Great Victory. In Gomel, a requiem rally ... flowers and wreaths at the Victory Monument in Minsk. This event ... began at exactly 4am on Victory Square.

Great Patriotic War , history , victory

Lukashenko: alarm bell of truth will break through the wall of silence and lies

The President has addressed countrymen on National Remembrance Day of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of the Belarusian People “Today we recall a sad date. Eighty-one years ago, a warm, sunny Sunday morning on June 22 nd in an instant turned into horrors of bombing, merciless extermination of civilians and endless pain for millions of Soviet citizens. The scope of the fascist terror was such that we still do not know the exact number of casualties,” Aleksandr Lukashenko ...

Lukashenko , memory , Great Patriotic War , victory , genocide , year of historical memory

News photo: EAEU prime ministers laid wreaths at Victory Monument in Minsk

great patriotic war , EAEU , victory , memory

With the right to hope

Results of Beijing 2022: good, but not enough That’s it then, the ball is over, the Olympic flame went out: for 17 days, the 2022 Games in Beijing kept the entire world in suspense, made us cry and laugh, made our nerves as tight as strings, deprived us of sleep and rest. On Sunday, the ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium hosted a colourful and solemn closing ceremony, which put an end to the grandiose sports event. The Belarusian national team has two silver medals — in biathlon and aerials, which were won ...

sport , Olympic Games , medals , victory

Accuracy is a kingly virtue

... health, good luck, and new victories. Photo by BELTA … Anton Smolski ...

Smolski , sport , biathlon , medal , victory

She’s kept her word

Hanna Huskova won the second medal for the Belarusian team at the Olympic Games in China Photo by REUTERS “We will show and prove that the Belarusian team can achieve better results!” said Hanna Huskova after performing in Mixed Team Aerials at the Olympic Games, where our freestylers took sixth place. She’s kept her word. Despite the highest competition, despite the postponement of the start of the competition, she climbed the Olympic podium again. Hanna has a silver medal! Competitions in the ...

Huskova , freestyle , sport , medal , victory

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