Posted: 18.05.2023 18:00:00

Chairman of Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions urged Scholz not to provoke War III

The reaction of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to the Victory Day Parade, held traditionally in Moscow on Red Square, suggests that Germans are still dreaming about the Barbarossa plan – as stated by Mikhail Orda, the Chairman of Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions

Photo by Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions

As noted by Mr. Orda, the mistakes of 1941 – when Belarusians were caught by surprise, when foreign troops were already standing at the country’s borders – should not be repeated. In such conditions, any relaxation can cost dear.

“Victory Day parades and processions have always been held – both in Belarus and in Russia. This is our sacred right, and even the duty of the victorious people – those who not simply won the war, but stopped Nazism. Meanwhile, at present, Scholz – who leads the country that unleashed that terrible massacre – ‘suddenly’ starts condemning the parade, threatening and actually calling for a new war. This has only one explanation: they have not repented, and they have not forgiven their defeat. They are getting closer to us cunningly, in a Jesuit way. Surely, they have already formed some kind of a plan. It is not a Barbarossa – as it was in the past, but the goal has preserved,” Mr. Orda stated.

He urged not to have illusions, since the collective West does not see the post-Soviet countries on the world map, “It began even not yesterday. It started a long time ago, since the Maidan in Ukraine. They no longer act directly, they want to rake in the heat with someone else's hands – pushing fraternal peoples against each other. They are crushing countries by appointing their henchmen there, and they will continue to interfere into our affairs. A hybrid war is being waged against Belarus. In 2020, they failed – despite serious attempts. Belarus later, as it happened in 1941, was again the first to take the blow of the collective West: it was economic, in the form of sanctions – but the point stands. They want to strangle our country, our people again, but there is a logical question: why are they acting in this way if, as they themselves say, they have always advocated friendship and co-operation and had no malicious intent against our country? Everything is exactly the opposite now. We never told them how to live. We never interfered in their affairs. Meanwhile, they – like bad and hostile neighbours – are interfering into our life, trying to destroy our house. They are moving further already, openly trying to drag us into a military conflict. Offensive troops and forces at our borders are constantly being increased.”

As Mr. Orda noted, the number of military exercises near the borders of Belarus has increased fourfold in two years, and they are each time presented with a calling name – like Defender of Europe. On April 22nd, NATO countries began exercises right at Belarus’ borders, gathering about 25 thousand troops from 27 countries. In March, Politico reported that the North Atlantic Alliance plans to deploy a three-hundred-thousand-strong army at the borders of Belarus.

“Do you remember how Hitler signed a non-aggression pact and promised to keep the peace? It turned out that everything was done to gather forces and destroy our country and our people. The leadership of modern Germany is doing the same these days. Merkel signed a peace treaty to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, but later admitted that she had no plans to follow it. That agreement was simply needed for a distraction – in order to accumulate strength and attack. The historical connection between the events is obvious,” Mr. Orda is sure.

Nazism is raising its head higher in many countries today, and this is the result of the fact that those responsible for the deaths of over 50m people during World War II have not borne responsibility. Very few of those who had been guilty of inhuman crimes were sent to the Nuremberg trials. In Western Germany, which fell under the protectorate of the United States and the allies, a lot of former Hitlerite henchmen held leadership positions: i.e. a Nazi war criminal headed the German foreign intelligence service from 1958 to 1962. Even today, the accounts of high-ranking Nazis, SS officers who managed to evade responsibility are quietly serviced in a Swiss bank.

“This is happening despite the fact that more than 260 death camps were created by these people on the territory of Belarus. Those were factories for the destruction of people. In Ozarichi [camp], people were intentionally infected with typhus so that they would die in agony. In Ola, 1,800 people were shot and burned, including 950 children… How can this be forgiven? How can we forget this? Personally, I can neither forgive nor forget. The older generation has not given us such a right," Mr. Orda stressed. “Moreover, today we see that grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Nazi criminals rule in many European countries, trying to continue the mission of their grandfathers. They want to divide our society, to zero out our morals and values. They are rewriting history, trying to make heroes out of monsters, demolishing monuments to soldier-liberators. All this is not for nothing, all these are links of one task aimed to clean up the memory of future generations and bring pain and evil to our people again.”

Mr. Orda is sure that chaos and destruction are hidden under the mask of care, and there are enough examples of the kind in neighbouring countries. According to him, we can oppose this with our truth and faith in its power, our unity and solidity in society.

“The situation now is like the calm before the storm. There seems to be no wind and everything is quiet enough – but, 15 minutes later, a thunderstorm may follow to demolish everything. We must understand that something very dangerous is hanging over us today, and literally everyone is responsible for ensuring that this danger does not become a reality. Even the slightest relaxation, lack of co-ordination and cowardice – of each of us – can cost dear for the country and all Belarusian people,” the Chairman of Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions concluded.