Posted: 23.06.2023 09:27:00

Kochanova: world is fragile, and our memory of Great Patriotic War helps understand what we can lose

The importance of the memory of the Great Patriotic War victims cannot be overestimated or underestimated – as stated by the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, the President’s Plenipotentiary for Minsk, Natalya Kochanova, after a requiem rally on the occasion of National Remembrance Day of Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of Belarusian People held at the Trostenets memorial complex

“We must remember those people who, at the cost of their lives, did everything so that we could live in a wonderful country. We should not betray the generations who defended the freedom and independence of our Belarus,” Ms. Kochanova said.

She emphasised the relevance of preserving historical memory in modern conditions, “The world is fragile now, and we see that the forces of Nazism and fascism are reviving. Our memory helps us once again understand and feel together what we can lose.”

Ms. Kochanova noted the indifference of citizens to the tragic day of memory, “I am happy that representatives of almost all organisations, institutions and enterprises of our Minsk have gathered today at this holy place for us. People remember, they honour. At such moments, we feel our unity, our bonds of the victory – that gave us our modern peaceful life – more than ever.”