Posted: 21.06.2023 17:47:00

Opinion: it’s Belarus’ sacred duty to cherish the memory of Great Patriotic War victims

Representatives of the Information Ministry, subordinate organisations and leading media have laid flowers today at Minsk’s mass grave of soldiers and civilians in honour of National Remembrance Day of Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of Belarusian People

Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, noted the importance of preserving historical memory in the name of a happy and peaceful future of Belarus.

“Due to what is happening in the world now, this date – June 22nd – concerns each of us especially. In the 1940s, several tens of thousands of people were burned and shot on the site of the memorial [Masyukovshchina memorial in Minsk]. Meanwhile, at present, an economic, political, cultural, sports and social suffocation is applied. Accordingly, we can state that Western Europe is making some progress in terms of humanism, but this does not make it easier for us. I am absolutely convinced that the methods are different now due to changed times. They are more humane, but the goals are the same: to split, set to quarrelling and distribute us across territories, geography and history like a thin layer. In recent years, much anti-Russian work has been conducted with Belarus on the part of the West, and we report a lot about this. They have failed, so we have become enemies and joined the list of those subject to modern destruction. To prevent this from happening, in the name of the memory of our ancestors who fought together, we need to stand ground. Cherishing this day is our sacred duty,” Mr. Eismont stated.