Netherlands extended presence of its military in Lithuania for 2 years

The Netherlands will maintain a military presence ... the security of Europe.” The Netherlands has been a member of ... . At the same time, the Netherlands is discussing with Germany the ...

Netherlands , Lithuania , Germany , NATO

Up to 50,000 refugees likely to come to the Netherlands by 2025

... continue to arrive in the Netherlands, but who do not need ... Ukraine will arrive in the Netherlands this year, which will lead ... this country living in the Netherlands of about 136 thousand by ...

netherlands , refugees , Ukraine

Rally in support of peace and against Ukraine conflict held in Amsterdam

More than a thousand people poured into the streets of Amsterdam to support peace and to stand against the conflict in Ukraine. According to established tradition, the protesters held a rally in the central Dam Square before marching through the city streets to the beat of drums with white and blue flags, TASS reports. TASS video screenshot One of the organisers, Petra Ottenhof, noted that the current demonstration united political activists who regularly hold such actions, as well as ordinary ...

Netherlands , Amsterdam , Ukraine , conflict , rally , peace

Media: Netherlands facing growing shortage of antibiotics for children

... children and infants in the Netherlands, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ... shortages of medicines in the Netherlands for some time. But antibiotics ...

Netherlands , medicine , antibiotics

Media: Netherlands almost run out of places for Ukrainian refugees

... refugees from Ukraine in the Netherlands are almost full: 99 percent ... ‘Ukrainians are coming to the Netherlands from all over the EU ...

Netherlands , Ukraine , refugees

Netherlands to supply Ukraine with additional six F-16s

The Netherlands intends to send six more F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine – as stated by the Dutch Defence Minister, Kajsa Ollongren, TASS reports Photo: According to the Defence Minister, the Netherlands is preparing six F-16s for delivery to Ukraine. “They will supplement the 24 fighters promised earlier," she said.

f-16 , Ukraine , Netherlands

Third of Dutch municipalities haven’t accepted a single refugee in last 12 years

Almost a third of Dutch municipalities have not sheltered a single asylum seeker in the past twelve years, TAS S reports photo: As reported by RTV Noord, citing the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, 111 of the 342 Dutch municipalities have not accommodated a single refugee in more than a decade. Local authorities explain this situation by a lack of places. At the same time, several municipalities that claim to have no conditions for accommodating asylum ...

Netherlands , refugees

Netherlands to spend 750m Euros to accommodate refugees on ships

The Netherlands’ Central Agency for the Reception ... official, people arriving in the Netherlands in search of asylum need ... , dozens of ships throughout the Netherlands have sheltered thousands of asylum ...

Netherlands , refugees

Rally against arms supplies to Kiev took place in Amsterdam

... in the capital of the Netherlands protesting against the supply of ...


In Amsterdam, people protested against supply of weapons to Kiev

... Ukraine – is growing in the Netherlands, “I started organising protests in ... voor Nederland (Together for the Netherlands) and FVD (Forum for Democracy ... that the policy of the Netherlands regarding assistance to Kiev will ...

Netherlands , weapons , Ukraine , protests

Netherlands wants to return 100 thousand Ukrainian refugees to their homeland

... ,000 Ukrainian refugees from the Netherlands to their home needs to ... presence of Ukrainians in the Netherlands carries certain risks. “In my ... country, the Netherlands, there are 100,000 Ukrainians ...

Netherlands , Ukraine , refugees

Media reported growing number of Ukrainians becoming victims of human trafficking in Netherlands

... of human trafficking in the Netherlands, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ... trafficking were identified in the Netherlands; of these, in 51 cases ... Ukraine is growing in the Netherlands. The need for admission in ...

Netherlands , Ukrainians , human trafficking

Netherlands to allocate over 100m Euros in third aid package to Ukraine

This year, the Netherlands will allocate a third aid ... Cabinet of Ministers of the Netherlands, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ... the news agency, said, “The Netherlands is allocating 102m Euros for ...

Ukraine , Netherlands

Dutch gas reserves could exhaust in nine years

Gas reserves in the Netherlands, in the event of further ... – as warned by the Statistics Netherlands (CBS), TASS reports photo: www ... the CBS, last year the Netherlands produced 16.1 billion cubic ... deposit – the largest in the Netherlands. It has been extracting blue ...

Netherlands , gas

Extremely high level of drug shortages expected in the Netherlands

... medicines were registered in the Netherlands. Over the current year, the ... all interested parties in the Netherlands to make a decision to ...

Netherlands , medicines , deficit

Netherlands reported increase in number of migrants due to Ukrainian conflict

... number of migrants in the Netherlands increased by 60 percent in ... Central Statistical Office of the Netherlands, TASS reports photo: www.pixabay ... ,000 migrants arrived in the Netherlands last year – 151,000 more ... receive medical care in the Netherlands until March next year. Moreover ...

Netherlands , migrants

Lukashenko: intensification of Belarusian-Dutch dialogue meets interests of both states’ citizens

... of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on King's Day, the ... of the Kingdom of the Netherlands a peaceful future, harmony and ...

Lukashenko , congratulation , Netherlands , Belarus

Inflation in Netherlands hits 47-year high

... 2022, annual inflation in the Netherlands stood at 10 percent – the ... Agency for Statistics of the Netherlands, TASS reports Photo: www.pixabay ... in 2021, inflation in the Netherlands amounted to 2.7 percent ... also important. Thus, in the Netherlands, the prices for products rose ...

Netherlands , inflation , crisis

Netherlands to send eight F-35 fighters to Poland

Next year, the Netherlands will send eight F-35 ... A message distributed by the Netherlands’ Defence Ministry says the fighters ... over Eastern Europe. The Royal Netherlands Air Force fighters will be ...

poland , Netherlands

Netherlands believes NATO can orchestrate false flag operation in Ukraine

The North Atlantic Alliance may agree to orchestra a false flag operation in Ukraine in order to aggravate the Russian-Ukrainian conflict – as stated by Thierry Baudet, leader of the Dutch far-right Forum for Democracy party, TASS reports Photo: “I fear the losing NATO army in Ukraine may set up a terrible and devastating false flag to blame Russia and further escalate the conflict,” the politician said. He also stressed that ‘we need peace, not WWIII’.

NATO , Ukraine , Russia , Netherlands

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