Posted: 01.04.2024 14:52:00

Rally in support of peace and against Ukraine conflict held in Amsterdam

More than a thousand people poured into the streets of Amsterdam to support peace and to stand against the conflict in Ukraine. According to established tradition, the protesters held a rally in the central Dam Square before marching through the city streets to the beat of drums with white and blue flags, TASS reports.

TASS video screenshot

One of the organisers, Petra Ottenhof, noted that the current demonstration united political activists who regularly hold such actions, as well as ordinary peace supporters who gathered on the occasion of Catholic Easter.

“It’s good that they joined us, but there is a difference between us,” underlined Petra Ottenhof. “They simply stand for peace while we will continue to raise acute issues, speaking out against our government, NATO, Zionists, Nazis and the European Union, because they are evil. There are so many problems in the world because of them, and a huge number of people are dying.”

Petra Ottenhof drew attention to the fact that the demonstrators are protesting against arms supplies to Ukraine not because they stand against this country. “In fact, we support Ukraine and we don’t want more people to die there,” she explained.