One more on board? AUKUS nuclear submarine deal to pose greater risk to regional security

... , the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US) is looking to ... Ma Hongliang In 2021, the US, the UK, and Australia announced the ... security partnership, dubbed AUKUS (Australia-UK-US), in a bid to deepen ...

AUKUS , UK , US , Australia , Japan

Kremlin representative: US ‘does not forget itself’, benefitting from assistance to Ukraine

... providing assistance to Ukraine, the US provokes Kiev to continue hostilities ... ensuring guaranteed profits for the US,” the Kremlin representative said. “No ... earmarked funds remains in the US military-industrial complex, then is ... to the last Ukrainian. The US is also getting Ukraine into ... favourite colonial policy of the US,” the Kremlin spokesperson explained. “This ...

US , Ukraine , Russia , Peskov , aid

Expert said US wants to overthrow government in Georgia

... School of Economics, said the US is keen to overthrow the ... is the hand of the US and the West that ‘organises ... ’. Mr. Suslov said that the US itself is not interested in ... time, he added that the US and the West in general ...

US , Georgia , Russia , expert

Taiwan’s TSMC granted $6.6bn to expand chip production in Arizona

... made in the United States,” US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said ...

TSMC , Taiwan , US , chip production

Ex-CIA analyst said there’s proxy world war now

Former analyst at the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Larry ...

US , Ukraine , Israel , Gaza , Iranm conflict

Gaidukevich commented on US extreme interest in war in Middle East

... the prompt response of the US Congress to the attacks on ... Israel by Iran, “The US Congress reacted immediately. Ukrainians started ...

gaidukevich , opinion , US , Middle East

Media: Iran close to developing nuclear weapons

... nuclear weapons because of the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal ...

Iran , nuclear weapons , Europe , West , US

Musk said US reluctance to end Ukraine conflict poses real problem

... the democratic majority in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, on the ... , Elon Musk noted that the US did not even try to ... it. In December 2023, the US administration exhausted the possibilities for ...

US , Ukraine , Elon Musk

US news companies to urge Biden and Trump to TV debates

... news companies are calling on US presidential candidates Joe Biden and ... the support of other US news networks. The US presidential election will ...

US , Biden , Trump

Expert: US-controlled air and missile defence system formed in Poland

... Alexander Stepanov said that a US-controlled air defence and missile ... command system IBCS from the US. The American equipment – costing $2 ... , in this way, a single US-controlled air and missile defence ... defence missile batteries from the US.

Poland , US

Russian FM said Ukraine took path of nuclear terror

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Ukraine – supported by the United States and Western satellites – makes it clear by attacks on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant that it has taken the path of nuclear terror, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to the Foreign Ministry of Russia, the task of the international community, as well as international organisations, is to deprive Kiev of the ability to carry out terrorist attacks on nuclear facilities, adding that the blame ...

Russia , Ukraine , nuclear terror , Foreign Ministry , US

Musk: Biden's stupidity could trigger WWIII

... caused by the stupidity of US President Joe Biden, RIA Novosti ...

Musc , Biden , US , WWIII

Opinion: Trump will withdraw US from NATO if wins 2024 presidential election

... National Security Advisor to ex-US President Donald Trump John Bolton ... and threatened to withdraw the US from the organisation if European ...

US , Trump , NATO

Hungary named Biden persona non grata at conservative conference

... ) in Budapest in April, declared US President Joe Biden ‘persona non ... and behaviour of the current US President have repeatedly raised doubts ... from the stage. Also, the US President repeatedly stumbled on the ...

Hungary , US , Biden

Media: Egypt asked Americans to help in strengthening its borders due to Gaza situation

... that Egypt has asked for US support in the form of ... that Egypt has asked the US to consider providing assistance in ... gear. Egypt has asked the US for security and radar systems ...

Egypt , US , Gaza

China to overtake US as world's largest economy by 2035

... the growth rate of the US economy’. According to the study ...

China , US

NYT: US withheld from Russia part of data on terrorist threat in Crocus for fear of revealing its sources

The US intelligence services did not give ... .RIA.RU Information about the US withholding information is reported by ... between Moscow and Washington prevented US officials from sharing any information ... , Mr. Bortnikov noted that the US information on planned terrorist attacks ...

Russia , terrorist attack , Crocus City Hall , US

Media: US, its allies unable to stop Houthi attacks in Red Sea

The US and its allies have been ... .com The Commander of the US Red Sea flotilla, Rear Admiral ... Miguez, reportedly acknowledges that the US and its allies still have ... expensive and unprofitable for the US. The news agency cites the ... attacks on a warship, the US may move on to attacks ...

US , Houthis , Red Sea

Scholz: German special services, unlike American ones, had no data on plotted terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall

... in Krasnogorsk, assuming that the US intelligence services were aware of ... it is part of the US government’s policy to warn ...

Germany , Scholz , US , Crocus City Hall

China expressed concern about NATO's advance into Asia

A spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defence of the People's Republic of China (PRC), Wu Qian, stated that representatives of the Chinese military command expressed concern at the talks with the NATO delegation about the promotion of the alliance's activities in the Asia-Pacific region, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM Wu Qian noted that China has expressed concern and clarified its positions on NATO's advance to the east, to the Asia-Pacific region, and on the Taiwan issue. The two ...

NATO , US , China

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