Texas governor blames Biden over migrants found dead

The Governor of the US state of Texas, a representative ... San Antonio, were victims of US President Joe Biden’s migration ... open border policies.” According to US media, 46 illegal migrants were ...

US , Biden , migrants

Biden predicts new COVID-19 pandemic

... According to the US President, the second pandemic will ...

us , biden , coronavirus

Australia, UK, Japan, New Zealand, and US form new alliance

... unites 21 countries, including the UK, EU, India, China, USA and ...

Australia , UK , Japan , New Zealand , US , Pacific

Pentagon believes Ukraine is facing pivotal moment on the battlefield

... defence contact group in Brussels, US Secretary of Defence Lloyd J ... moment on the battlefield,” the US Secretary of Defence said. Lloyd ...

Ukraine , US

NATO expansion will cost the US $8bn, media report

... the United States because the US can spend about $8bn to ... provoke a conflict between the US and Russia. “The fact remains ... additional annual costs for the US. One of the rationales for ... is already requesting a larger US naval presence in the Baltic ... the publication noted that the US authorities are focusing on the ... to set records, and the US national debt, according to them ...

NATO , US , Finland , Sweden

US trying to isolate large Eurasian space, expert asserts

... to conquer this space. “The US is playing a very big ...

us , opinion , cold war

Sniper from Georgia discloses sabotage groups’ plans during protests in Belarus

... know what they were preparing us for, but everything was explained ... to us in spring 2020,” he informed ... instructors and supervised by the US Embassy, with participation of even ... ;Officers explained the tasks to us, and Michael Carpenter supervised that ... . He did not communicate with us, but I recognised him." ...

protests , sniper , US , elections

European Parliament proposes to impose sanctions against US

The European Union is obliged to impose sanctions against the United States and Saudi Arabia because of the conflict in Yemen – as noted by a deputy representing Croatia, Mislav Kolakusic, at a meeting of the European Parliament, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Mr. Kolakusic considered it necessary to impose an embargo on oil and gas from the United States. “If this were true, if we were really fighting for peace, then we should immediately impose the same sanctions against Saudi ...

us , sanctions

US plans to export grain from Ukraine is virtually robbery

US President Joe Biden said that ... into its own hands. Let us remember the times when the ...

us , ukraine , grain

Anglo-Saxons to be suppressed under new world order, experts say

... the near future, the US, the UK and their European allies are ... actually the wealth looted from us, the Balkans, and other countries ...

us , uk , opinion

US behaviour does not meet status of UN Security Council member

... Daily, such actions of the US contribute not to a peaceful ... , it is noted that the US has no right to behave ... by the Chinese resource, the US militant policy is dangerous. Earlier ...

us , china , Ukraine

US driven primarily by economic benefits

... , paying less attention to the US-led West infected with the ... eleven million people stay in US prisons – which means that more ... , the global share of the US population makes only 5 percent ... this situation? This this the US military-industrial complex.” According to ...

us , crime

China accuses Australia, US and UK of fomenting arms race

... in AUKUS partnership with the US and UK. Thus, the Head of ...

China , Australia , US , UK

MEP accused US of fomenting conflict in Ukraine to weaken Russia

... , under the current circumstances, the US sees an opportunity to open ... ‘would enjoy happy days’. “Some US representatives want entire industries to ...

us , europe , russia

NATO predicted ‘bleak future’ because of Russia

... American Spectator magazine and former US Deputy Undersecretary of Defence Jed ... allied with Russia than the US. Meanwhile, under the NATO Treaty ...

NATO , US , Russia

IMF: world will move away from Dollar dominance

... behind the total dominance of US Dollars in a financial and ... world characterised not only by US Dollars, not only by the ... controlled transition that is leading us to this multipolar world,” Mr ...

dollar , currency , us

Americans criticise Biden for mindless trade war

... Western countries. For example, the US residents blame President Joe Biden ... horrible. But I hope you [US residents] had good Easter, despite ... bath less often, while the UK announced a sharp increase in ...

us , europe , russia

Brussels ready to fight till last Ukrainian to save its economy, expert asserts

... that sanctions will be with us for a long time, because ... , there are many more of us, from Brest to Vladivostok. Together ...

US , Ukraine

Nikki Haley warns of US bankruptcy

The policy of the current US President Joe Biden’s administration ... – as stated by the former US Permanent Representative to the United ... News, she stressed that the US does not care about either ... ’s national security depends. “The US is in the worst of ... leadership,” she added. The former US Ambassador to the United Nations ...


China says Europe refused to support US madness

... those who disagree with the US policy. “After the Russian-Ukrainian ... western media stressed that the US would not be able to ...

us , europe , China

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