Posted: 14.03.2024 10:34:00

MP: neither Americans nor Brits will come to protect Baltic States from threat

The policy of the Baltic States is based on begging money from the West and the United States for a mythical fight against a mythical threat – as noted by a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, Oleg Gaidukevich, in his talk with the SB TV channel

Photo: video screenshot

“The Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – have decided to build a defence line along the border between Russia and Belarus, and it will consist of various facilities designed to deter and protect against military threats,” the programme presenter, Polina Konoga, said. “This line has a psychological and political purpose: to warm up pro-war sentiments in Europe.”

Oleg Gaidukevich responded, “No, the Baltic States have a different goal: to attract attention and steal money. Unfortunately, their policy of recent years has been based on begging the West, especially the United States, for money for a mythical fight against a mythical threat, since they have been waiting for an attack on Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for thirty years after the USSR collapse. They are waiting for Russian tanks to come and destroy them. In fact, no one needs these countries, and – when a normal government comes to power there – they will themselves address the Union State for membership. No one will attack them now!”

According to the MP, no one will come to protect the Baltic States from a threat. “They will only be given weapons, supplies, missiles, money, but they will fight independently. The Baltic States will receive no help from the White House, Paris or Berlin. Scholz and Macron have enough of their own problems, and no one will ever protect Europe from war – neither Americans nor Brits. The Baltic States will fight themselves, using the weapons sent by other countries. These lines would not help them if there was a real conflict,” Mr. Gaidukevich said.