Posted: 04.04.2024 10:24:00

French politician: NATO interferes in France’s politics and diverts attention to Russia

By interfering in France’s political affairs, NATO deliberately turns public attention towards Russia, accusing Moscow of trying to influence Western politics – as noted by Florian Philippot, the leader of the French Patriots party and a candidate in elections to the European Parliament, RIA Novosti reports


“I especially see American interference in the affairs of our country... I see on television a growing number of NATO consultants, paid by NATO think tanks from Washington and Brussels, who are paid with American money. But nobody talks about it, as if it doesn’t exist. The whole Western world, not just France, is focusing on the Russian villain to make us believe that we are under Russian influence,” Florian Philippot voiced his assumption on the radio station Franceinfo.

He also recalled Washington’s hostile actions towards France.

“First of all, I know two presidents of the [French] Republic who were wiretapped by American services. The National Security Agency, that’s for sure. They didn’t even protest. I also see that the Nord Stream gas pipeline – supplying us with energy – was sabotaged not by Russia, but by NATO forces, at least by Ukraine, perhaps together with the US and other NATO members. This is an act of war against us,” the politician added.

Speaking about the Ukrainian conflict, Florian Philippot noted that this does not concern France, and then pointed out the need for a peaceful settlement of the confrontation.

“We are protected by our own army, our nuclear deterrent and our ability to be independent. It is our membership in NATO that weakens us,” he said, adding that membership in the North Atlantic Alliance drags the country into other’s conflicts.