Posted: 19.04.2024 11:00:00

Military expert explained why the West is spreading rumours that Belarus is preparing to attack it

In recent times, the Western media and politicians have been whipping up the idea that Belarus is preparing an attack on them. At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that such statements are ‘complete nonsense’. In his talk with the SB TV channel, military expert Igor Chibisov commented on the message that Belarus is being forcibly inspired to attack first.

Photo: video screenshot

As noted by the expert, this all is happening since Western countries and the United States are making no progress in Ukraine. “Accordingly, they need to wake everyone up somehow. At the same time, the United States has resolved several of its own issues. Firstly, its own military-industrial complex has been launched enabling the country to generate profit; secondly, the US has made the economy of the European Union drop. In short, the United States is now supplying its energy resources – gas and oil – to Europe, and their prices are three times higher than those sold by Russia. The economies of Germany and France are in decline. It's not for nothing that Brits once left the European Union. It turns out that, by now, the United States has removed Europe as an economic competitor, and – for the latter to restore its positions – much time is needed. Well, spring is in full swing, and this is just the beginning of everything. In addition, we know that they have to deal with Ukrainian refugees and, most importantly, the United States wants to shift the issue of assistance to Ukraine in fighting matters to the European Union,” Mr. Chibisov explained.