We invite you to Belarusian Dazhynki

... been turned into a public holiday. As soon as the last ... . For the reason that the holiday invariably starts with a grandiose ... air, and the men reliably hold them. By Sofia Arsenyeva

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Zelenskyy initiated shift in celebration of Christmas and two other holidays in Ukraine

... define December 25th as the holiday of the Nativity of Christ ...

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News photo: Show under Peaceful Sky in Vitebsk

As part of My Family is My Country nationwide campaign, the Show under Peaceful Sky was organised in Vitebsk – gathering schoolchildren and adults

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The most flourishing places in Belarus

Spring decorates everything around with a bright palette. Let us tell you where you can enjoy incredible species of exotic plants and their wonderful aromas. Central Botanical Garden The local collection funds of living plants and the herbarium are considered the national treasure of Belarus. Scientists began to collect them from April 1932. The result of many years of efforts is more than fifteen thousand names of plants on 93 hectares. This is not just a botanical garden, but a blooming planet ...

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State Flag, Emblem and Anthem Day to be celebrated in Belarus

... The name of the state holiday has been changed from The ...

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Where to celebrate Maslenitsa in Belarus

... the obligatory attributes of this holiday. Besides, what is Maslenitsa ... people’s lives. The holiday ended with jumping over the ... not so strong, but this holiday is still bright, noisy ... was ‘grandfather buried’ on the holiday? Why were ‘wooden decks’ hung ... even a motto for the holiday: ‘Whoever comes to Maslenitsa ... called MaslenitsaWooden Decks will be held for single guys and girls ... spirit of the nobility are held in Dukora. Organised groups are ... how to prepare for the holiday. And the artisans will ...

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More than a museum

There are many attractions in Gomel, but the Palace and Park Ensemble is undoubtedly the main one. Even the city itself was designed by its former owners in such a way that three central streets lead exactly here. The fate of the city at one time was determined by two noble families — the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches. They also left this luxurious tourist site to the Gomel residents. And most recently, the team of the State Historical and Cultural Institution Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble ...

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News photo: China preparing for Spring Festival

Chinese will soon start celebrating the Lunar New Year, and preparations for the Spring Festival are now in full swing countrywide – with all around is traditionally scarlet Photos:

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Almost 1.5m people visited Beijing parks during three-day New Year holidays

A three-day vacation on the occasion of the New Year attracted about 1.48m people to Beijing’s park, Xinhua reports Photo: Various winter entertainment events were organised in 25 parks in Beijing. People could just take a walk, enjoy snowy landscapes, go down the slides, or ride ice bikes. In the Yiheyuan Park, an ice rink covering an area of 350,000 square metres opened for residents and guests of the Chinese capital – for about 4,000 people to have fun at one time. ...

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Where to find Ded Moroz

... promise many interactive zones, entertainment, holiday customs and gifts. Where: Minsk ... If one wants a bright holiday, one should see Ded Moroz ...

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From heart to heart

... the country, which will be held on December 26th at the ... the traditional culmination of the holiday. Spectators from 8 to 14 ... Ball for youth will be held at the Palace of Independence ...

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Both snow and laughter

... free entertainment — the trail of health. It’s over 400 steps ...

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A real palace in miniature

... balls in retro style are held these days. After the 1917 ...

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News photo: Belarus’ main Christmas tree being decorated in Minsk

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Belarusian fortified churches

The Orthodox and Polish Roman Catholic churches that look more like ancient fortifications are common in Belarus. The architectural heritage of the Middle Ages today impresses tourists, and once saved lives in a string of endless wars. St. Michael’s Church According to legend, it was in the vicinity of this temple at the end of the 14th century that Prince Vitovt was hiding from his cousin Jagiello, who wanted to kill him. One can readily believe in a beautiful story when one looks at the ...

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Manor and park ensembles of Belarus

... , round tables, creative meetings are held in the picturesque art space ... , Music Salon costumed festivals are held here on a grand scale ...

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Art of Belarus

Unique collections of paintings, books, folk art can be seen not only in famous museums and galleries. Small cultural centres keep rarities that the capitals never even dreamed of! Pray to Vetka icons On the border of the Bryansk and Gomel Regions, a town lurks, which is called ‘a small branch of Moscow.’ Tens of thousands of Old Believers fled here in the 17th century after the church reforms of Patriarch Nikon of Moscow. They brought the most expensive — icons and books from the capital city. ...

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Travel inspired by the past

The golden autumn is conducive to long walks and stylised photo shoots. Those who like romantic trips inspired by the past should take a thermos of tea, turn on the navigator and go to the most beautiful Belarusian manor and park ensembles. Photo by Aleksandr Gorbash The Koziell-Poklewski estate in Krasny Bereg Why do you need Disney, if you can get into a fairy tale in the Gomel Region? The country house of the Koziell-Poklewski noble family looks just like from a picture! Built at the end of ...

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Off-peak season in Belarus

... festivity in autumn. The hospitable holiday is in many ways reminiscent ... countless number of various procedures — health resorts of Belarus will very ... . And in the Dyatlovo District, health resorts are located next to ...

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About 20 official delegations from abroad to visit Minsk on City Day

... Economic Co-operation will be held at the National Library on ...

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