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From heart to heart

In order to ensure that no child feels deprived: the country hosts the Our Children New Year’s charity campaign

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko,
“We have been holding this event for more than a quarter of a century. The youngest spectators of the first New Year Eve’s performances, perhaps, have already become parents themselves. Some of them might be in attendance with their kids today… I am happy that over the years of the Our Children charity project, every little Belarusian has learned that his country infinitely cares about them and needs them.”
During the event as part of the Our Children national charity campaign in Minsk on December 27th, 2021

There is magic! The Our Children campaign taking place in Belarus under the patronage of the President is the very proof of that. Every year the number of participants in these warm and sincere festive meetings is only increasing, which means that there are more happy children’s smiles. Moreover, completely new activities are added to the traditional congratulations. Interactive programmes on the ice, excursions, sports matches are organised for the children... To please, surprise and inspire them! It is expected that more than 20,000 children will take part in the campaign at the national level alone.
The Our Children New Year’s charity campaign runs from December 15th to January 15th. Each ministry, department, organisation tries to take a certain institution under the patronage, so that not a single child in need of support is left without attention. Deputy Head of the Department of Social, Educational and Ideological Work of the Ministry of Education Yelena Simakova talks about a trend that cannot but rejoice, “If earlier one department or organisation undertook to help one or two institutions, today we are talking about three or four. This is a personal initiative of managers and employees. Business representatives are also actively involved. Everyone himself offers the form of support that they consider necessary and appropriate: gifts, equipment or sports equipment...
Guests come to rehabilitation centres, boarding schools, family-type orphanages with congratulations and surprises.
The range of participants who receive care is also expanding. Today, these are not only orphans, hospital patients, schoolchildren, but also students, gifted children and students of cadet schools.”
Furthermore, everyone can join the campaign. Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Children’s Fund Lyudmila Kondrashova suggests, “Fundraising is open to diagnose and help children with autism. Details can be found on our official website. For the first time this charity marathon started last year. It was attended by both ordinary people and organisations from all over the country, collected more than Br30,000. In addition, we launched the Our Hearts to Children traditional campaign: 10,000 children received gifts from the Belarusian Children’s Fund, its regional and district branches in the amount of more than Br160,000. I am sure that this year even more people will want to do a good deed.”
Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko, together with Education Minister Andrei Ivanets and Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Children’s Fund Lyudmila Kondrashova, launched a charity event at the National Centre for Art Creativity of Children and Youth.
The month-long marathon started simultaneously throughout the country — in cities and towns, villages and agrotowns.
“We will congratulate our children everywhere so that the wishes that they made on New Year’s Eve will come true. And it is the adults who should embody them. As well as to protect, defend, stimulate the all-round development of our children. So that the guys are proud that they live in such a beautiful, safe and, most importantly, promising country for their further implementation,” Igor Petrishenko said before the start of the event.
He noted that all conditions have been created in Belarus for obtaining a quality education, engaging in creativity, sports, and social work.

“All paths, all doors are open for our children. The Our Children campaign has become a real brand, because this is our Belarusian tradition — to help each other. Not only in difficult moments, but also in joyful and festive. On the part of the state, children are given increased attention so that they never feel disadvantaged in some way,” emphasised Igor Petrishenko.
According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the purpose of the campaign is to envelop each child with kindness and warmth of the hearts of adults, so that they can make sure that miracles come true in our country.
There are many meetings and concerts ahead. The main Christmas Tree of the country, which will be held on December 26th at the Palace of the Republic will become the traditional culmination of the holiday. Spectators from 8 to 14 years old will be shown a fabulous story here. A New Year’s Eve Ball for youth will be held at the Palace of Independence. In addition, various festive events are planned for children at the Palace of Independence on January 4th, 5th and 6th, 2023. 

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