Belarus, China liaise in agricultural exports, education and tourism

... added that liaisons in the tourism sector are strengthening as well ... attention to in terms of tourism. Our country has created and ...

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Winter resorts in Belarus

The New Year holidays have already ended, upon having exchanged their gifts, the residents and guests of the Blue-eyed Belarus immediately rushed to the traditional winter fun: playing snowballs, skiing, sledding, ice skating. Making leisure time fun and even useful is easier than ever. Now the ski resorts are packed to the fullest. Logoisk Ski Sports and Recreation Complex Photo: Master snowboard cross-track Silichy Ski Centre PHOTO BY BELTA Slopes and service at the Logoisk ski ...

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Past and future of industrial tourism

... abandon the idea of industrial tourism. There are programmes, projects ... intersect with production lines. Industrial tourism is not only income generation ... the further development of industrial tourism in Belarus, he noted, ... why those enterprises, where industrial tourism was absent in principle, will ... winners of the 19th Republican Tourism Competition Discover Belarus 2021 ... in the Development of Industrial Tourism was awarded to the ... began to implement the industrial tourism project BELAZ — the Brand ...

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Minsk National Airport to launch new flights

The General Director of the Minsk National Airport, Vyacheslav Khoroneko, has informed on possible new routes, Minsk-Novosti reports According to the official, over the past year, the airport specialists have been actively working to expand the route network and launch new flights. “Development of the route network from Russia and other EAEU states, Asia and the Middle East has become a priority. We have not only expanded the geography of flights to Russia: the number has increased and, since ...

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Christmas fairs in Belarus

There’s nothing quite like a festive market to bring out the Christmas spirit in people, so it is time to stroll through the elegant squares Photo: Getting lost in the looking glass You can’t go past the main Christmas tree of Belarus which is more than thirty metres high and has four thousand red, silver and golden balls, alongside a kilometre of garlands and a high-tech pixel veil — a nano-tree in all its glory! PHOTO BY BELTA You can get to it through numerous light ...

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Unusual New Year

Playing ritual drums and breaking dishes: the most interesting New Year traditions around the world Ireland The Irish are known for their hospitality, especially on the night of December 31st to January 1st, when the country celebrates the New Year. All inhabitants of the country open the doors of their houses wide. They do this in order to release the old and let the New Year in. However, along with the latter, guests come to the house, whom the family may not even know. Yes indeed, at this ...

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Belarus is among top three Christmas destinations for Russians

Belarus has joined the list of top three most popular post-Soviet countries visited by Russian tourists during New Year and Christmas holidays Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich As reported by with reference to Russian tour operators, this year, the demand for tours to the CIS countries for New Year and Christmas celebrations is noticeably higher than it was last winter. Tours to Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan are offered, with the rating topped by Armenia. It is followed by ...

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Visiting winter wizards

New Year’s holidays are just around the corner, which means it is time to plan fabulous trips around our blue-eyed country for the whole family Father Frost's Residence in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha Photo by BELTA Trying on a general’s coat Guests are greeted by Father Frost with ... shoulder straps in the Stalin’s Line Historical and Cultural Complex! Army ‘accessories’ decorate the red festive fur coat: astrakhan collar and golden epaulettes. There is a bright star in the centre of the cap. ...

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Attraction of a natural pearl

... forest resources. Photo by BELTA Tourism with the prefix eco- Black ... aimed at popularising domestic family tourism. We created our own honey ... percent. In a word, ecological tourism is on trend.” Of course ... by Anton Stepanischev Income from tourism is a guaranteed opportunity to ... in the centre of mythological tourism. Moreover, the documentation for the ...

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Come for ‘Vyachorki’ in Belarus!

The long autumn-winter evenings are no reason to fall into ‘tourist hibernation’. Instead, it’s time to get acquainted with the traditional culture and way of life of Belarusians. In ethnographic museums and farmsteads, the season of soulful ‘Vyachorki’ (evening rural parties) is in full swing with songs, dances and, of course, incredibly tasty potato pancakes. Photo: www. Moving to the past Just a couple of kilometres from noisy Minsk, there is a Belarusian skansen — a Museum ...

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Historical and cultural landmarks to be designated with QR codes

This innovation is already being tried in the Kamenets District. A tourist route was developed for Kamenets, uniting the sights of the ancient town. Instead of a guide, QR codes will help tourists move along the route. The first point with information is located at the foot of the Kamenets Tower, and from there, the virtual guide will direct you to other interesting places. Stylised street nameplates have also appeared in the central part of Kamenets. The address on them is written in three ...

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Belarus seeks to restore tourist flow

... from different Russian cities. The tourism industry has perked up. “ ... of the Republican Union of Tourism Industry, Filipp Guly, said. ... 19 vaccination certificates. Coronavirus inspired tourism industry representatives to develop new ... the current situation in the tourism industry, representatives of Belarus’ ... Ministry of Sports and Tourism admit that pre-COVID figures ... holiday in Belarus. Our tourism branch offers many opportunities for ... , the Director of the Tourism Department at the Ministry of ...

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Unusual sculptures of Belarus

Not just Lenin alone. It is generally accepted that our blue-eyed Belarus is the country with the largest concentration of monuments to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin per square kilometre. However, there are also more original sculptural forms here. Lion on the line There is a beaver in Bobruisk, a wolf in Volkovysk and lions in Mogilev. Moreover, there are lions in several bronze variations from one author: sculptor Andrei Vorobyov. These proud ‘kings of the beasts’ adorn the Pushkin Bridge: manes in ...

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Key from Vytautas Tower

... to the development of gastronomic tourism,” the museum worker concludes. “Tourists ...

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Belarusian gastronomic business looks promising

... Photo: “Gastronomic tourism is not a new direction ... to the official, the gastronomic tourism might be diverse, “There is ...

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Points of attraction

... . With the assistance of the Tourism Department at the Sports and ... Tourism Ministry, we have compiled the ... as water, hiking and cycling tourism. The amazing beauty of nature ...

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Rural territories develop thanks to agro-tourism

... ’ Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism, Mikhail Portnoy, asserts. “The project ... President. Accordingly, this sphere of tourism will continue to develop. There ... the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and the Country Escape Association ...

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Minsk visited by tourists from 91 countries in 2020

Last year, 27,300 guests visited the Belarusian capital – coming from 91 countries. As informed by Minsk’s Main Statistical Department , foreigners stayed in the city for seven days, on average. Photo: www.belta.b y Most organised tourists came from Russia (21,302), Turkey (787), Iraq (650), Latvia (438), Lithuania (426), Switzerland (363), Ukraine (342), the UAE (209), Germany (175) and Estonia (164). At the same time, Minsk residents also travelled around Belarus in 2020 – mostly choosing ...

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Ancient parks of Belarus

If you don’t like autumn, then drive your grumpiness away! Let’s go on a trip to the famous places of Belarus — with golden foliage, unusual architecture and strange legends. Drinking champagne in a Napoleonic style Vitebsk welcomed the French Emperor favourably in 1812. Art least, it seemed so to Napoleon himself at first. “Gentlemen, the campaign ends here. The army needs rest,” he said, approaching the banks of the Dvina River. In honour of his 43rd birthday, he even held a feast in the ...

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Places of power

... Voronovich, the Director of the Tourism Department at the Ministry of ... Sports and Tourism The official noted that agro ... -tourism is gaining leadership in conditions ...

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