Posted: 06.10.2022 17:58:00

Off-peak season in Belarus

It is not necessary to go to the sea to prolong the summer. A fun, rich and rewarding vacation in the fall can be organised at home.


Take a walk at fairs

It is a well-known fact that Belarusians know how to work. Nonetheless, they don’t forget to rest. Especially when the harvest is over, and the sowing season is still far away. Of course, Dazhynki is the main large-scale festivity in autumn. The hospitable holiday is in many ways reminiscent of the plot of the Cossacks of the Kuban. Each region of the country arranges its own festival with folk dance songs, honouring farmers and tables filled with food. Here one can buy fruits and vegetables of the new harvest, win a pig or a calf in the lottery, watch the performances of the Minsk ensembles or compete in sports.

Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Telekhany, Glubokoe, Gomel, Bolshaya Berestovitsa, Stolbtsy, Slavgorod — each of these cities hosts a large-scale celebration of rural workers this season. 

Subdue the water

Belarusians are used to ending the water tourist season with a bang: hundreds of guests from different countries come to Grodno to overcome several tens of kilometres on the water in kayaks. On the way, they admire incredible views, enjoy the singing of birds and, of course, compete. The chip of the water marathon is no sports equipment, only tourist boats.

Photo by Sergey Lozyuk

The Neman River is one of the fastest lowland rivers in the country. Swimming is pleasant, the light breeze invigorates. True, the second part of the route runs along the Augustow Canal,  the turbulent Black Gancha River and Ostashanka River. The latter is so stormy that it can be compared with mountain currents. Extreme guaranteed! 

Enjoy the silence

The Indian summer is the best time to admire the beauty of the lakes, for which Belarus was nicknamed ‘a blue-eyed country’. The cornflower blue sky on a fine day is reflected in 11,000 lakes! Big and small, forest and among the fields, round and irregular in shape — one would like to look into everything. Almost every reservoir has a couple of cosy farmsteads, where it is pleasant to warm up with a hearty dinner or even spend the night. Tourists can enjoy horseback riding, fishing, a sauna and master classes in traditional crafts.

Photo by Pavel Chuiko

It is in autumn that one can appreciate the resort potential of Belarusian nature in complete silence and peace. The promenade near the mysterious Naroch Lake or the Braslav lakes placers will have a therapeutic effect no less than walking along the Black Sea or Baltic coasts.

Save on tickets

Picturesque banks of rivers and lakes, pine forests with the purest air and countless number of various procedures — health resorts of Belarus will very quickly drive away the autumn blues. These are no longer typical sanatoriums for pensioners (although they will also like it), but modern medical and wellness complexes where they are ready to treat and entertain the most demanding audience.

Photo: www.сосновыйбор.бел

A real amber room has been set up in Sosnovy Bor near Minsk: migraines and chronic ENT diseases are cured with aeroionotherapy. The Republican Hospital of Speleotherapy offers vacationers a dream at a depth of five hundred metres underground. Potassium salt is successfully treated for allergies and bronchial asthma. And in the Dyatlovo District, health resorts are located next to unique radon springs, the water from which is used for healing baths and irrigation.
By the way, tickets will be cheaper in the off-peak season: there are discounts, promotions and special offers.

Have a royal hunt

The forest lands of the country are rich in game, which has always been considered a particularly desirable trophy for avid hunters. It is not for nothing that princes, kings and emperors have been ‘hunt for the beast’ to the local forests and forests for centuries.
In our time, hunting is not a cheap pleasure, but there is where to roam. The autumn-winter season has started! European bison from the reserve gene pool, elk, red deer, roe deer, wolves, game birds... Just take a ticket and go. The beast, of course, does not have to be shot. You can hunt only with a camera. Moreover, special safari tours are organised for this purpose in the Pripyatsky National Park. They guarantee complete immersion in the world of nature with the observation of the shyest animals and birds. The main thing is not to miss the moment and have time to snap the trophy on the camera.

By Sofia Arsenyeva