Kochanova on the construction of Minsk-Moscow high-speed railway

During a meeting of the Minsk City Executive Committee discussing the ... a high-speed railway between Minsk and Moscow. The President’s ... representative for the city of Minsk, Chairperson of the Council of ... discussed the issue of creating Minsk-Moscow high-speed railway line ...

Kochanova , Minsk , Moscow , high-speed line

CSTO Heads of State Summit kicked off in Minsk

... Treaty Organisation (CSTO) began at Minsk’s Palace of Independence, under ...

CSTO , Minsk

President of Kazakhstan arrived in Belarus

... -Jomart Tokayev, has arrived in Minsk, BelTA reports photo: www.belta ... Council will be held in Minsk on November 23rd under the ... Sadyr Japarov already arrived in Minsk.

Kyrgyzstan , Tokayev , CSTO , minsk

Expert at IGF-2023 in Minsk assessed Belarus’ steps in mastering Internet standards

... Forum Belarus IGF-2023 in Minsk has brought together representatives of ...

Minsk , IGF-2023 , Internet

November 7th festive rally resolution urges to unite around people’s President

... at a festive rally on Minsk’s Nezavisimosti Square as part ...

Minsk , November 7th , October Revolution , resolution

November 7th solemnly celebrated in Minsk

... today on Nezavisimosti Square in Minsk as part of the celebration ... in the hero city of Minsk, on Nezavisimosti Square, celebrating the ...

Minsk , November 7th , October Revolution

Italian communist: Belarus preserved eternal and sacred flame, lit on November 7th, 1917

... , during a festive rally on Minsk’s Nezavisimosti Square as part ...

Minsk , November 7th , October Revolution

Sokol: we must give a sharp political rebuff to all destructive forces

... , at a festive rally on Minsk’s Nezavisimosti Square as part ...

Minsk , Sokol , November 7th , October Revolution

Red Wings Airlines launches regular flights from Samara to Minsk

... flight programme from Samara to Minsk from November 18th – as reported ... on the website of the Minsk National Airport Photo: www.freepik ... of the air carrier from Minsk airport. Since March 6th, 2023 ... operating flights on the Ufa-Minsk-Ufa route,” noted the press ...

Minsk , Samara , Russia , air transportation

Dialogue between East and West

... Transforming World took place in Minsk About 300 people from almost ... at the expert platform in Minsk and, most importantly, the political ... Once upon a time in Minsk they tried to find a ... , he decided to come to Minsk partly because global security is ...

Belarus , Minsk , international conference , Eurasian Security

Lukashenko commented on next major construction site in Minsk

The commissioning of the Minsk International Exhibition Centre as part ... construction project will be in Minsk after the National Library, the ... Minsk-Arena and Chizhovka-Arena complexes, ... is being built near the Minsk ring road. It will represent ...

Lukashenko , minsk , construction

Minsk, Caracas to launch direct flight

... opening a direct flight between Minsk and Caracas – as stated by ... direct flight between Caracas and Minsk by the Converse company is ...

minsk , caracas , flight , Aleinik

True answers to questions of history

... more than 300 participants in Minsk belta The President of Belarus ... , including such large ones as Minsk, Gomel, Vitebsk, and thousands of ...

Minsk , conference , history , Sergeyenko , State Policy in the Sphere of History

Chupris: Belarusian industry actively developing, its achievements are impressive

... industrial products has opened in Minsk. The event is being held ... will run until September 17th. Minsk residents and guests of the ... this is not the limit. Minsk residents sometimes do not notice ...

exhibition , innovations , industry , Minsk , Chupris

20+ countries participating in International Economic Co-operation Forum in Minsk

... -operation Forum has opened in Minsk – being held as part of ... capital The Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Vladimir Kukharev ... already become a good tradition. Minsk is a city of great ...

minsk , forum , economy , co-operation

Summer in the city: children’s recreation in Minsk

... opened half-hour drive from Minsk. Or, more simply, a parrot ... , Ivan Poddubny performed at the Minsk arena. And even today, the ... Park A favourite place for Minsk families. Once these lands belonged ... is about Chelyuskintsev Park. Where: Minsk, Park Chelyuskintsev metro station. Children ... as passengers. Interestingly, for the Minsk children, the Children’s railway ...

belarus , minsk , summer , entertainment , children , recreation

Minsk warning

... -Fascist Congress took place in Minsk To warn the world about ... against fascism, Metropolitan Veniamin of Minsk and Zaslavl, Patriarchal Exarch of ... the Union State, Moscow and Minsk are forced to take retaliatory ...

belarus , minsk , International Anti-Fascist Congress

2nd International Anti-Fascist Congress to be held in Minsk on August 17th-19th

... Congress will be held in Minsk from August 17th to 19 ... Central House of Officers in Minsk. Thematic exhibitions organised by the ...

minsk , fascism , defence ministry

Agriculture is an important factor in national security

... of the harvesting campaign in Minsk, Grodno and Brest Regions from ...

Lukashenko , economy , agriculture , harvesting campaign , inspection , Minsk , Grodno , Brest , Regions

The fire of true justice and sports fraternity burns in Minsk

... that took place in the Minsk Arena was watched by millions ... stadiums. “Their flame lit in Minsk has not gone out. It ... of spectators who packed the Minsk Arena stands, the Belarusian leader ...

lukashenko , 2nd CIS Games , opening ceremony , belarus , minsk

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