News photo: Governor’s Palace among most popular tourist attractions in Vitebsk

In Vitebsk, the building of the former Governor's Palace, built in the late 1870s, was transferred to the Regional Museum of Local Lore a year ago, and it welcomed its first guests on New Year’s Eve. Since early 2024, more than 1,030 people have visited the museum – walking up and down its stairs, through its halls, basement and courtyard, also taking selfies on the governor's balcony. This tour is one of the most popular in Vitebsk.

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More than a museum

... attractions in Gomel, but the Palace and Park Ensemble is undoubtedly ... Historical and Cultural Institution Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble became the ... lead to the two-story palace in the style of ... . The view of the Gomel Palace. 1840’s. Canvas, oil ... the provincial ball Nowadays, the Palace and Park Ensemble is one ... icons and religious objects. The palace and the park, as before ... princes Paskeviches, who owned the palace after the Rumyantsevs, are buried ... 1877 the owners of the palace converted it into a ...

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