Posted: 04.12.2023 14:16:00

Media: Norway generated $31.3bn in 2022 from conflict in Ukraine

Eirik Yalte and Ida Elisabeth Uberg Gosland calculated in their master’s thesis that Norway earned about 334 billion Kronor ($31.3bn) from the conflict in Ukraine, TASS reports


According to the NRK TV channel, excluding exports to the UK, the amount calculated by the experts is 27 percent of the total income from gas exports in 2022, which has become a record. The reduction and termination of Russian gas supplies after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine inflated the prices of these raw materials, which allowed Norway to make good money on its gas supplies.

"This is an insanely high figure. It is reprehensible that Norway should profit from other people’s misfortune. The government makes it embarrassing to be Norwegians," the Green Party leader, Arild Hermstad, said. He also called the country a ‘war profiteer’.

The Socialist Left Party, the Union for Nature Conservation and the Climate Fund of Norway also speak of Norway as a ‘war profiteer’. Others, including Oil and Energy Minister Terje Oslann, say that Norway supplies Europe in crisis with the gas it needs.