In 2022, Russia doubled pipeline gas supplies to China

... year, deliveries of Russian pipeline gas to China increased by 2 ... , the supplies of liquefied natural gas from Russia to China increased ...

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Exceeding the plan

... the production of associated petroleum gas by 3.3 million cubic ... metres of the associated petroleum gas were produced in 2022, which ... . Thus, the produced associated petroleum gas is sent to the Belarusian ... Gas Processing Plant, which also specialises ... propane-butane. Now the Belarusian Gas Processing Plant fully covers the ... petroleum products in liquefied automobile gas from raw materials from Belarusian ...

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Belarus, Russia discussed co-operation in gas sector

Belarus’ Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Russia, Dmitry Krutoi, met with Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller, the Energy Ministry reports in its Telegram channel Photo: The meeting took place in St. Petersburg. As reported by the Energy Ministry’s press service, the parties discussed topical issues of co-operation in the gas sector.

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Russia, Kazakhstan considering creation of triple gas union with Uzbekistan

... , discussed creation of ‘a triple gas union’ with Uzbekistan, TASS reports ... developing economies, and their domestic gas needs are also growing. " ... the idea of creating a gas union by Russia, Kazakhstan and ... the routes of energy and gas supplies, among others, are extremely ... and Uzbekistan share a single gas transportation system since Soviet times ... -operation, including in relation to gas supplies and processing, as well ...

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Saudi Arabia announced discovery of two new gas fields

Two new gas fields have been discovered in ... , at the Awtad unconventional natural gas field, 142km from Al-Hofuf ... site of the second unconventional gas field, AlDahna, 230km southwest of ...

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It is unfortunate, but true

... to lower the prices of gas and electricity, to control ... be independent of the ‘Mordorian’ gas led to sovereignty from common ... discrepancy between the volumes of gas that is supplied to ... , part of the Russian gas settles somewhere in Ukraine and ... scheme of theft of Moldovan gas by Ukraine, but attempts ... Thus, the operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine called ... Andrei Spinu. “Those volumes of gas that Gazprom calls remaining in ... payment for the supposedly Moldovan gas stored in Ukraine is Spinu ...

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Expert predicted heavier winter for Europe in 2023

... this year, since they received gas in full to be ready ... , and Europeans could buy enough gas, pump it into their underground ... . Ukraine stopped one of the gas pipelines. Reduced supplies from Russia ... part of their liquified natural gas volumes, “Practice shows that they ...

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Estonian Defence Minister said his gas bills increased 15-fold

... sharing his personal story: his gas bills had increased 15 times ...

estonia , gas , prices

IEA urges Europe to take immediate action to prepare for next winter

... to make optimistic forecasts for gas reserves in underground storage facilities ... to avoid risk of natural gas shortage next winter, RIA Novosti ... .ru It is noted that gas storage sites in the European ... , as well as recent lower gas prices and unusually mild temperatures ... cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas during the key summer period ... for refilling its gas storage sites in 2023, highlighting ... action by governments to reduce gas consumption amid the global energy ...

Europe , gas , crisis

Turkish minister reminds EU of dependence on Russian gas

After the creation of a gas hub was announced, Turkiye ... winter and dependence on Russian gas, RIA Novosti reports Photo: ... the issue of creating a gas hub in Turkiye – through ... the Russian Federation could shift gas transit from the Nord Streams ... believes Europe can receive Russian gas through Turkiye. “Europe depends ... on Russian gas, and it will spend the ... can distribute Iranian and Russian gas to Europe," Mr. ... , especially Europe, in this gas struggle," the Turkish newspaper ...

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Russia, Türkiye reached agreement in principle on gas hub

... on the establishment of a gas hub in Türkiye, and ... always been to become a gas centre and a trade centre ... said that Russia could move gas transit from the Nord Streams ... that the creation of a gas hub in Türkiye meets ...

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Sinopec discovered a well with 387.8bn cubic metres of gas in southwest China

... Sinopec has discovered a large gas well at a field in ... to The Beijing Daily, the gas flow rate in the Jinshi ...

china , gas

Erdogan, Putin reached agreement on ‘gas hub’ in Turkey

... President Vladimir Putin on a ‘gas hub’. According to the Turkish ... , we agreed to create a ‘gas hub’ in Turkey. As he ... announced, Europe can use Russian gas through Turkey,” the Turkish President ... a proposal to create a ‘gas hub’ in Turkey. According to ... with the creation of a ‘gas hub’, it will be possible ...

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Europe trying to compensate for lack of gas with solar panels from China

... for the lack of natural gas from the Russian Federation, RIA ...

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Gazprom CEO: Russia will stop gas supplies if prices are limited

... a price cap on Russian gas imports to European buyers will ... [setting a price cap on gas] is, of course, a violation ...

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Bloomberg: EU won’t introduce gas price cap because of political disagreements

... to set a ceiling on gas prices in the near future ... leverage in negotiations with global gas suppliers. “The European Union is ... bloc will refrain from immediate gas-price caps amid political divisions ... launch a new liquefied natural gas index. The regulator believes that ... cut in supplies of pipeline gas from the Russian Federation’.

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Hungary won’t support additional EU sanctions against Russia in energy sector

... on the use of natural gas.” At the same time, he ... a reliable supplier of natural gas to Hungary. Earlier, the Head ...

Hungary , Russia , sanctions , gas , EU

Gazprom CEO: European cities could freeze in winter

... of one of the largest gas companies in Germany, GASAG, Georg ...

europe , winter , gas

Germany accuses US and EU for charging high gas prices

Liquefied natural gas prices have risen due to ... achieve astronomical prices [for their gas]. Of course, that brings with ... also be good for curbing gas prices,” Robert Habeck pointed out ...

Germany , USA , EU , gas , prices , crisis

Russia resumed gas supplies to Italy through Austria

Gazprom has resumed gas supplies to Italian consumers through ... press service, Gazprom – jointly with gas buyers in Italy – has found ... in Austria in late September. Gas transit through Austria has become ... Italy’s Eni oil and gas company.

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