Szijjarto: despite Western pressure, Hungary will not refuse oil and gas supplies from Russia

... to refuse profitable oil and gas supplies from the Russian Federation ... the country continues to buy gas and oil from Russia. " ...

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Belarus ranked third in gas availability for population in Europe

... three states in terms of gas availability for the population ... in Europe: the cheapest gas is in Kazakhstan, and ... 10 thousand cubic metres of gas for their average monthly ... 3 thousand cubic metres of gas. Moldova closes the list: ... metres, respectively. "World gas prices in 2023 decreased significantly ... market was determined by large gas reserves in underground storage ... there was a decrease in gas consumption in Europe – partly ... rejection of Russian pipeline gas," the source reported.

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Niger announced plans to train oil and gas specialists

... National School of Oil and Gas opening took place against the ...

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Mezentsev discussed Belarus-Russia gas interaction with Gazprom CEO

... Belarus and Russia in the gas sector have been discussed at ... press service of the Russian gas concern reports “It was noted ... Belarus-Russia interaction in the gas sector. Dmitry Mezentsev informed Alexey ...

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Energy Minister: Belarus, Russia strongly progressed in forming common energy market

... for electric energy and natural gas, and Belarus’ Energy Minister ... for electric energy and natural gas of the Union State ... to form a common gas market and equalise gas price conditions. It ... industry. Speaking of a common gas market, the Energy Minister noted ... the supply of Russian natural gas to Belarus in 2023- ... of Belarus and Russia. “The gas price is quite comfortable for ... framework of integration in the gas sector. Our main task now ... of functioning of the common gas market for subsequent convergence of ...

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Media: Norway generated $31.3bn in 2022 from conflict in Ukraine

... of the total income from gas exports in 2022, which has ... reduction and termination of Russian gas supplies after the outbreak of ... make good money on its gas supplies. "This is an ... Europe in crisis with the gas it needs.

Norway , gas , russia , Ukraine

India set to create strategic gas reserves for energy security

... Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has decided to create strategic ... natural gas reserves in the country, with ... to the newspaper, strategic natural gas storage facilities are being built ... billion cubic metres of imported gas in case of crisis situations ... domestic market. The construction of gas storage facilities will be carried ... out by Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), Oil India and ... -2bn n. Depleted oil and gas wells in the west and ...

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Media: German authorities spent about €31bn on measures to limit gas and electricity prices

... measures to limit prices for gas, electricity and heating, TASS reports ... measures to limit prices for gas, electricity and heating for private ... per year. The cost of gas for them should be up ...

Germany , prices , gas , electricity , heating

Belarus, Russia discussed topical issues of co-operation in gas sector

... of co-operation in the gas sector, Energy Ministry reports Photo ... of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. It is reported that ... bilateral co-operation in the gas sector – focusing, in particular, on ... the formation of a unified gas market of the Union State ... technological potential of the Belarusian gas industry organisations – presented at the ... noted. The St. Petersburg International Gas Forum is one of the ... authoritative business events of the gas industry. It annually gathers leading ...

russia , Belarus , gas

Novak: Turkiye considering roadmap on gas hub with Russia

... on the creation of a gas hub, which Ankara is studying ... primarily at creating an electronic gas trading platform in Turkiye. “There ... which the lost volume of gas transit through Nord Stream would ... of the Turkish oil and gas company Botas and other suppliers ...

Russia , Turkiye , gas

Uzbekistan to start buying Russian gas from October 1st

... plans to start importing Russian gas from October 1 st , TASS ... Energy Ministry, Hasan Toshkhojayev, Russian gas supplies to the country will ... all the necessary infrastructure and gas pipelines are ready to receive ... high-pressure gas. Earlier, Uzbekistan signed a two ... for the supply of natural gas to the republic. Under the ...

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Erdogan announced Turkiye’s intention to create gas hub like in London and Hamburg

Ankara hopes to create a gas centre similar to those located ... with the establishment of a gas centre in Turkiye, progress will ... Turkiye will become ‘an important gas base for regional geography’, “We ... plan to create a natural gas centre similar to those established ... planned not only for natural gas, but also for the energy ...

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Dutch gas reserves could exhaust in nine years

Gas reserves in the Netherlands, in ... .1 billion cubic metres of gas from various fields. In turn ... 50 billion cubic metres of gas, but the authorities decided to ... 2 billion cubic metres of gas. This year, the production of ...

Netherlands , gas

Germany likely to experience gas shortage until 2027

... from a reduction in Russian gas supplies – may face depletion of ... INES, warned, “The risk of gas shortages will last until the ...

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China increased oil and gas imports since early 2023

... by 12.4 percent and gas by 7.6 percent – as ... addition, the volume of natural gas imports in H12023 amounted to ... 10.3m tonnes of natural gas abroad for $4.9bn.

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Iraq plans to achieve energy independence and abandon imported gas within 3 years

Iraq wants to abandon imported gas within three years and switch ... be able to abandon imported gas. The Government is making investment ... 50m cubic metres of natural gas daily.

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TotalEnergies CEO: Europe may face gas shortage next winter

... that Europe may face a gas shortage in the winter of ... BY SPUTNIK BELARUS “As for gas, the storage facilities will be ... season,” Mr. Pouyanne noted, adding gas would have to be imported ... up for most of the gas shortage at the expense of ... expensive liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is delivered by ... Asia competing for liquefied natural gas, the prices of which have ...

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Russian Energy Ministry: West continues to buy Russian gas and oil, doing this in back way

... have not stopped buying Russian gas and oil, and they are ... true that Western countries buy gas and oil from Russia, Mr ...

russia , gas , oil , West

State Duma approved Russia-China agreement on co-operation in gas supplies

... in the field of natural gas supplies, RIA Novosti reports Photo ... cross-border section of the gas pipeline. It starts at a ... gas metering station in Russia in ...

russia , china , gas

INES warned about rapid emptying of German gas storage facilities in the event of cold winter

Germany's gas storage facilities will be almost ... that if temperatures are warm, gas storage facilities will only be ... are medium to cold, the gas storage facilities will be heavily ... have enough reserves of natural gas in case of severe cold ... could face a shortage of gas in the coming winter.

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