Washington Post: EU countries accept Russia’s demands on gas payments to avoid more shut-offs

... agreed to pay for Russian gas under the new scheme in ... The publication notes that European gas companies are making concessions in ... to reduce dependence on Russian gas supplies, at the moment, European ... . Russia has already cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria ...

Russia , gas , EU

Gazprom said it has suspended gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

... officially announced the suspension of gas supplies to Bulgaria from April ... an official notification that natural gas supplies from Gazprom Export will ... statement. The Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) also said the ... . The decision to suspend Russian gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland ...

Bulgaria , Poland , Russia , gas , Gazprom

German industry may fail to survive the crisis

If supplies of Russian gas stop, the German chemical industry ... of the termination of Russian gas supplies, the German chemical industry ... become a consequence of the gas embargo. “At the same time ...

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Italians left without air conditioners as they refused Russian gas

... with its rejection of Russian gas. It is reported that the ... -4bn cubic metres of natural gas annually.

italy , gas

Belarus, Russia fixed gas price in Russian Roubles till year end

... Dollar exchange rate in the gas pricing mechanism – as reported by ... Dollar. Today, the price for gas, for a thousand cubic metres ... of gas at the border of the ...

Belarus , Russia , Union State , gas

Armenia switched to Roubles in payments for Russian gas

Armenia paid for gas in Russian Roubles – as stated ... . “True, Gazprom's contract for gas supplies to Armenia envisages payments ... readiness to pay for Russian gas in Roubles. According to Hungary ... the same time will ensure gas supplies to the country.

armenia , russia , gas

Belarus switches to Russian Roubles in gas settlements

Belarus will pay for gas supplies in Russian Roubles starting ... In addition, natural gas prices have become more profitable ... consumers for the consumed natural gas," the Government of Belarus ...

gas , roubles , Belarus

Russia warned Europe: no payment – no gas

... in charity and to supply gas to Europe free of charge ... they refuse to pay for gas in Russian currency. “As soon ... of it and to send gas free of charge to Western ... they will not pay for gas supplies in Russian Roubles. “No ... payment, no gas,” he pointed out. The press ... the key buyers of Russian gas – are now beginning to think ...

Russia , Europe , gas

German minister urged citizens to save gas and be cold to take revenge on Russia

... , addressed his countrymen to save gas and be cold in order ... we should also turn our gas and oil taps off – so ...

germany , russia , gas

Europe predicted climate catastrophe due to increase in gas supplies from the US

... European countries from Russian gas to American gas carries the risk of ... cubic metres of liquefied natural gas to Europe, and then an ... to expand new and expanded gas export capacity [from the US ... American leadership proposed building a gas pipeline from Spain to France ... , would become an alternative to gas supplies from Russia.

Europe , USA , Russia , gas

Anglo-Saxons use sanctions against Russia to impose flawed energy policy on Europe, expert says

... , everything is not so simple, “Gas and nuclear power plants are ... : to use coal instead of gas. Soon, probably, they will switch ... to the expert, liquefied natural gas (for example, American) will be ... be necessary ‘to buy either gas at such prices, or coal ... enterprises that use relatively cheap gas and electric energy at their ...

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Gazprom predicts peak gas demand in Europe this year

... channel , pumping of as much gas as has never been pumped ... this date," Gazprom said. “Gas extraction from the European underground ... 2020, and earlier. To replenish gas reserves in the European storage ... winter, pumping of as much gas as has never been pumped ... said ‘the total volume of gas available on the European market ...

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EAEU ready to resolve sensitive issues of gas supply

... issues of creating a common gas market of the Eurasian Economic ... on establishing the EAEU common gas market and uniform rules for ... access to gas transmission systems located on the ... pricing and tariff formation for gas transportation services in the common ... resolve particularly sensitive issues of gas supply, while agreeing to continue ...

gas , EEC , EAEU

Belarus, Russia signed protocol on gas prices for 2022

... setting prices (tariffs) for natural gas supplies to Belarus and its ... formation of prices for natural gas supplies to Belarus in 2022 ... by Belarus’ Energy Ministry, specific gas prices will be fixed in ... the supply of energy and gas to the Republic. Our fuel ...

gas , energy , belarus-russia

Gerhard Schroeder: EU should not shift responsibility for energy crisis on Russia

... – due to the cold spring – gas injection into underground storage facilities ... demand, this resulted in growing gas prices this summer,” Mr. Schroeder ...

gas , eurasian economic forum

EAEU common oil and gas markets start work in 2025

... common markets for oil and gas will start their functioning on ... formation of common markets for gas, oil and petroleum products have ... on formation of a common gas market will be ready in ... and ensuring equal access to gas transmission systems.

economy , eec , EAEU , gas

The most expensive heating winter of all time is imminent in Europe

... food shortages. Electricity and gas bills have already started to ... the wholesale price of natural gas rose to record highs in ... France, Spain, Germany and Italy. Gas prices in Europe have more ... higher purchasing prices for natural gas due to sharply increased demand ... an all-time high. Gas supplies from Russia remain limited ... its own reserves, and gas exports from Norway were below ... Brexit, and now also expensive gas, are affecting it. “The ... British experience demonstrates how a gas shortage can turn into ...

Europe , Gas

Common gas market planned

... the formation of a common gas market is likely to be ... on formation of a common gas market is planned to be ... whether formation of a common gas market of Belarus and Russia ... unification of the participating countries’ gas markets, creation of identical mechanisms ...

belarus-russia , gas , market

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