Belorusneft Head: 2m tonnes is immediate goal for Belarus’ oil production

... the volume of drilling work, Belorusneft Director General Aleksandr Lyakhov told ... . At the same time, the Belorusneft Head added that there has ... (which is being done by Belorusneft) and in 2025.” At today ... event, the Director General of Belorusneft showed the meeting participants geological ... , which is being done by Belorusneft today. This is our future ...

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Six new wells added to Belorusneft fund in February 2024

In February 2024, Belorusneft's well fund was replenished ... new sites, BelTA reports PHOTO: Belorusneft Specialists from the Svetlogorsk Drilling ... . The state-owned production association Belorusneft was established in 1966. The ...

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Belorusneft to increase oil production to 2.3m tonnes by 2030

... Belarusian state-owned production association Belorusneft (Rechitsa, Gomel Region) plans to ... Povzhik, geological exploration work at Belorusneft in 2024-2030 will affect ... .3m tonnes. As previously reported, Belorusneft increased oil production in 2023 ... The state-owned production association Belorusneft was established in 1966, specialises ...

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Focus on innovation

... is not the limit!’ — Belorusneft discovered a new black gold ... were discovered. The production association Belorusneft made a gift not only ... exploratory well No. 11. Belorusneft noted that there were no ... fully justified its feasibility. Belorusneft Production Association Deputy Director General ... Siberia by a subsidiary of Belorusneft, the Yangpur company. A ... of the National Assembly, Belorusneft Production Association Director General Aleksandr ... of the geological block of Belorusneft over the past few ...

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Exceeding the plan

Belorusneft exceeded the annual plan for ... 3.3 million cubic metres. “Belorusneft is among the few companies ...

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Belorusneft exceeded 2022 target for associated petroleum gas production

... cubic metres – as reported by Belorusneft Production Association in its official ... raw material for further processing. Belorusneft is one of the few ...


Belorusneft to increase exploration drilling by 65% in 2023

This year, the Belorusneft enterprise plans to increase the ... by BelTA In late 2022, Belorusneft increased the scope of 3D ... in the Yuzhno-Nadvinskaya area,” Belorusneft’s press service noted.

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Kaleidoscope of achievements

... . Absolute drilling record In 2021, Belorusneft set an absolute annual record ...

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Superfast charging stations for electric transport to be launched in 2022

... Lukashenko said then. Andrei Kotik, Belorusneft’s Deputy Director, comments, “We ... fast chargers. The task of Belorusneft as a national operator is ...

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More charging stations for electric cars

... late 2021 – as informed by Belorusneft’s General Director, Aleksandr Lyakhov ... . Mr. Lyakhov also said that Belorusneft company plans to build fast ...

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Oil production continues growing

Belorusneft plans to increase oil production ... tonnes. According to the official, Belorusneft has all necessary resources to ...

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