Economy Ministry: Belarus’ level of self-sufficiency in main food groups exceeds 100%

... figures. In the 2022 Global Food Security Index, the Republic of Belarus ...

Belarus , economy Ministry , food security , self-sufficiency

Expert: Belarus, Russia fully ensured their food security several years ago

... Russia fully ensured their own food security several years ago. Western agents ...

Gigin , Belarus , Russia , Union State , food security

FM: Belarus ready to contribute to maintenance of international food security

... significant contribution to maintaining international food security, including in the countries participating ...

Aleinik , food security , belarus , brics

Salt of world hunger

... the collective West, threaten world food security Experts say three things must ... come together to ensure food security: the environment, genetics and good ... a significant contribution to ensuring food security in the world, supplying foreign ... of Belarus to ensuring global food security, the scientist emphasises. Belarusian potash ... new disappointing global data. The Food Security Information Network reports that in ... in the situation with global food security. A heated discussion on the ...

world , belarus , sanctions , potash fertilisers , food security , africa , hunger

Belarus’ representative called on FAO to minimise the consequences of irresponsible actions of certain countries

... Council, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and other bodies that ... . Its goal is to ensure food security for all and ensure that ...

Belarus , FAO , food security

Expert: global gross grain harvest in 2023 will be less than in past years

... ,” Mr. Kravtsov explained. “Problems with food security and even hunger may emerge ...

food security , grain , harvest , Ukraine

Expert: Belarus fully ensures food safety based on its own production

... Council’s sessions, the World Food Security Committee and regional conferences on ... the strategy defined by its Food Security Doctrine until 2030, which was ... factors and global challenges to food security.”

production , food security

UNCTAD welcomes Belarus’ contribution to global food security

... the organisation to ensure global food security,” the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s ...

Belarus , Ambrazevich , UNCTAD , ILO , food security , Foreign Ministry

Deputy Kravtsov: Belarus provides itself with food by 96 percent

... -36th in the 2021 Global Food Security Index. We provide ourselves with ...

Belarus , food security

Lukashenko: ‘Today is the moment of truth’

... talk about the importance of food security and the agricultural sector. But ...

Lukashenko , agricultural industry , food security

Belarusian field

... basis for the country’s food security and makes it possible to ...

Belarus , agriculture , agro-industrial complex , economy , food security

Opinion: thanks to Lukashenko's policy, Belarus ensured its food security

... ], Belarus has ensured its complete food security.” “Our country is headed by ...

Lukashenko , Borovik , opinion , food security , industry

Zayats: Belarus’ self-sufficiency level for major food groups exceeds 100 percent

... 113 states in the Global Food Security Index, ahead of all CIS ... programmes in the area of food security and the development of the ... ,” Leonid Zayats notes. “Traditionally, Belarus’ food security is ensured through its own ...

Belarus , food security , expert , agro-industrial complex

Talk about daily bread

... West, how Belarus ensures its food security — we talked about this ... to discuss strategic issues of food security. As he joked, here ... time.” “The issue of food security occupies the first position in ... quite feasible, “The issue of food security occupies the first position in ... worth talking not about ensuring food security, but about increasing exports and ... last year. Therefore, the food security of our population is fully ... — 135 kilograms, eggs — 379 pieces. Food security is strong, the domestic market ...

belarus , food security

Expert: Belarus’ food security is ensured due to effective strategy

... field of ensuring Belarus’ national food security, with stably functioning agro-industrial ... Belarus “The doctrine of national food security is operating in the state ... year, we conduct monitoring of food security, which covers the entire agro ...

Belarus , food security , agroindustrial complex

Zayats called Belarus donor of food security

... will be a donor of food security – as stated by Belarus’ Deputy ... Zayats noted, the country’s food security is ensured. During four months ...

Zayats , agriculture , food security

Lavrov, Guterres discuss food security amid situation in Ukraine

... conversation during which they discussed food security issues against the backdrop of ... pressing international issues, focusing on food security in the context of the ...

Russia , UN , Lavrov , Guterres , food security , grain

Belarus ready to co-operate with UN to solve global food security problems

... solve urgent problems of global food security, including transit of Ukrainian grain ...

belskaya , belarus , un , food security

Belarus’ representative to FAO: sanctions against us affect EU food security

... against our country affect the food security of the European Union – as ... and its consequences for global food security and agriculture, including world food ... the crisis in Ukraine on food security in the world as much ... that sanctions do not affect food security. But all this is not ...

FAO , food security

We will sow and we will reap

... high-yielding varieties of crops Food security has always been a priority ... of 113 in the Global Food Security Index. However, we do not ...

agriculture , breeding , development , food security

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