Posted: 20.06.2023 14:36:00

Expert: global gross grain harvest in 2023 will be less than in past years

It is the first summer month, and various sources and businessmen are already making assumptions regarding the upcoming grain harvest. As noted by a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, the Director General of the Scientific and Practical Centre for Agriculture at Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, Sergei Kravtsov, grain forecasts can now be made with 80 percent accuracy – especially in southern countries, where grain is in its filling stage.

“Strategies for further actions are being discussed already,” the expert noted, adding, “Of course, much is kept secret in this sphere, since those control the world who manage food. However, satellite data still provides grounds for analytics.”

In general, the gross grain harvest in the world this year will be less than in 2022, and the greatest yield losses are expected in Ukraine.

“Gross harvest in Ukraine has fallen by 80 percent in three years. Previously, the country harvested 60m tonnes of grain, but the figure is likely not to exceed 15m tonnes this year. This is due to the war and expensive resources, including fertilisers and diesel fuel, as well as a shortage of labour power,” Mr. Kravtsov explained. “Problems with food security and even hunger may emerge in Ukraine. Nevertheless, this country is now trying to sell not just the surplus, but literally everything it has.”