Posted: 12.07.2022 09:29:00

Expert: Belarus’ food security is ensured due to effective strategy

A sustainable and efficient model and strategy have been built in the field of ensuring Belarus’ national food security, with stably functioning agro-industrial complex and agriculture being at their core – as noted by Svetlana Kondratenko, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Institute of System Research in Agroindustrial Complex of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

“The doctrine of national food security is operating in the state. The document clearly describes the goals, tasks and mechanisms, as well as the priorities to which we are moving. Balanced parameters of the domestic market, foreign economic activity, production and rational consumption are defined there. Every year, we conduct monitoring of food security, which covers the entire agro-food chain. It is based on three most important components: physical availability of food products for the population (the need to produce a sufficient amount of products), economic availability (correspondence to the purchasing power of all social groups), as well as the quality of food for Belarusians,” Ms. Kondratenko believes.