India to stop importing ammunition in 2025-2026 fiscal year

... expects to completely stop importing ammunition in the upcoming fiscal year ... year, India will not purchase ammunition abroad due to the ability ... ’s share in the global ammunition market. It is noted that ... made for small batches of ammunition, the production of which is ...

India , ammunition

Lithuania, Rheinmetall to sign agreement on ammunition plant construction

... on the construction of an ammunition plant in Lithuania is scheduled ...

lithuania , ammunition

American media: US increased production of shells amid their shortage due to supplies to Ukraine

... production to 70-80 thousand ammunition per month. According to him ...

US , Ukraine , ammunition

Belarus’ light grenade launcher complex to be presented at MILEX-2023

... . The fragmentation effect of the ammunition makes it possible to hit ...

MILEX , ammunition , Belarus

Due to Ukraine conflict, US is reviewing the volume of ammunition production

... is reviewing the volume of ammunition production, taking into account the ... its incredible waste of conventional ammunition. “Besides, we are talking about ... ever happens, the consumption of ammunition will be incredible. The Defence ...

US , Ukraine , ammunition

Norway to increase the production of ammunition

... increase the production of artillery ammunition by ordering it from the ... creates a growing need for ammunition, and the Norwegian company Nammo ... countries in the production of ammunition. “Ensuring the safety of Norwegians ... relatively few Western manufacturers of ammunition.

Norway , ammunition

Media: Western ammunition stocks are being depleted extremely quickly

... into their stocks of artillery ammunition because of their significant consumption ... deep into reserves of artillery ammunition as the Ukrainians pop off ...

Ukraine , USA , EU , ammunition

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