Posted: 13.12.2023 10:01:00

Media: Norway tries to reduce refugee influx

The NRK television channel reported that the Norwegian government wants to limit the influx of refugees from Ukraine into the country and make it more manageable, TASS reports


It is reported that this intention was facilitated by a serious increase in Ukrainians arriving in Norway, as well as questions raised about whether the conditions provided to refugees in the state are too generous, e.g., the opportunity to stay in a hotel instead of going to a special centre for receiving migrants.

According to the TV channel, the government fears that the attitude towards the issue of accepting refugees across the country’s regions will change from positive to more negative.

From 2022 to 2023, 65,500 refugees from Ukraine applied for asylum in Norway. Of these, almost 29,000 are adult women, and 20,000 are children.