Posted: 17.01.2023 15:07:00

Norway to increase the production of ammunition

The Norwegian authorities decided to increase the production of artillery ammunition by ordering it from the Norwegian company Nammo – worth 2.6bn Kroner (about 240m Euros), RIA Novosti reports


According to Norwegian Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Wedum, the conflict in Ukraine creates a growing need for ammunition, and the Norwegian company Nammo plays a significant role for NATO countries in the production of ammunition.

“Ensuring the safety of Norwegians through proper preparedness is one of the main tasks of the government. With this order, the government contributes both to the readiness of the national army and to Western support for Ukraine,” Vedum said.

It is noted that Nammo is an important part of the Norwegian defence industry and one of the relatively few Western manufacturers of ammunition.