Posted: 30.01.2024 13:21:00

Norway tightens admission and stay conditions for Ukrainian refugees

Norway announced the adoption of new measures that are aimed at limiting the number of Ukrainian citizens entering the country, TASS reports


Information about changes for Ukrainian refugees is reported on the website of the Norwegian government.

“Let’s touch on the measures that we are proposing today to limit the large number of arrivals [Ukrainians]. <...> Ukrainians will no longer be able to receive financial support if they decide to live privately rather than in a reception centre. The government will no longer cover the cost of keeping pets for new arrivals at reception facilities. <...> The government is reducing the number of possible dental services for displaced Ukrainians in Norway. Residence rules will be tightened for recipients of one-time benefits. The period of residence is being introduced for receiving basic and additional benefits. The adaptation allowance for spouses and cohabitants without children is being cut, and new deadlines are being set for the adaptation programme,” the statement reads.

Norwegian authorities claim that the decision to tighten measures against Ukrainians is aimed at ensuring that they are treated the same as other asylum seekers.

There are now over 73,000 refugees in Norway.