FSB Chief: NATO dragging Moldova into military confrontation with Russia, Belarus

... of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bortnikov, speaking at a meeting of ... Chief said. According to Mr. Bortnikov, NATO is literally dragging Moldova ...

bortnikov , NATO , russia , Belarus , moldova

FSB Chief: Russian special services aware of organisers of terrorist attacks against Russia

... the Russian Federation (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov, TASS reports Photo: www.tass ... on our territory," Mr. Bortnikov said, adding that everything necessary ...

bortnikov , russia , fsb , terrorism

Russia’s FSB Chief: US, UK intelligence launched activities for violent overthrow of CIS governments

... ’s Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, during President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s ... at its borders," Mr. Bortnikov stressed. According to the FSB ... and Belarus,” he noted. Mr. Bortnikov drew attention to the ongoing ... to neutralise these threats,” Mr. Bortnikov added.

bortnikov , fsb , CIS

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