NATO’s Regex 2024 headquarters exercise kicked off in Moldova

... headquarters exercise has begun in Moldova, within the framework of which ... of the National Army of Moldova.

NATO , Moldova , Regex 2024

Moldova described shortage of teachers as threatening

Moldova’s education system lacks 7, ... system lacks 7,000 teachers,” Moldova’s Minister of Education and ... in an interview with the Moldova-1 TV channel, explaining that ... of teacher-training institutions in Moldova, only 250 people choose to ...

Moldova , teachers , education

Moldova’s opposition believes country’s accession to EU will challenge existence of Moldovans

... politician Ilan Shor said that Moldova’s accession to the EU ... the country’. According to him, ‘Moldova will face the fate of ... EU, refugees will pour into Moldova, since the country will be ... electricity will also skyrocket, and Moldova will lose access to the ...

Moldova , EU , borders , Russia , Belarus , Baltic States

Moldovan authorities reported third of country’s population live below poverty line

MP Diana Caraman of Moldova’s Bloc of Communists and ... history of the Republic of Moldova that we have such a ... unemployment and emigration rates in Moldova increased. Since 2022, large-scale ... have been taking place in Moldova, putting forward demands for the ...

moldova , poverty

Moldova extended measures to support refugees from Ukraine until March 2025

... obtain a residence permit in Moldova. Data from the Migration Service ... of Moldova indicate that over 116 thousand ...

moldova , Ukraine , refugees

Moldova intends to address EU for assistance to protesting farmers

... with farmers is developing in Moldova. I have already been to ...

moldova , eu , farmers

Moldovan opposition said country’s authorities causing damage to economy by breaking ties with CIS

... noted in a statement by Moldova’s Revival opposition party, TASS ... member states, the regime in Moldova is killing the real sector ... that will be caused to Moldova is even difficult to calculate ...

Moldova , CIS

More than half of 38 accommodation centres for Ukrainian refugees to be closed in Moldova

... Labour and Social Protection of Moldova, Alexei Buzu, said that the ... -15 centres should remain in Moldova, because ‘this is a crisis ... accommodation centres were opened in Moldova, but – in the process of ... have asked for asylum in Moldova.

moldova , Ukraine , refugees

Moldovan opposition protests against NATO exercises in the country

The Revival opposition party of Moldova protestes against the holding of ... vehicles will be brought to Moldova in May as part of ... the preservation of peace in Moldova. The Revival members says that ... country’. According to the Constitution, Moldova has a neutral status. However ...

moldova , NATO

Sweden to allocate $5.83m for military assistance to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

... Kronas ($0.49m) each to Moldova and Georgia, TASS reports Photo ... the NATO fund to support Moldova. Another 5m Kronas will be ...

Sweden , Ukraine , moldova , georgia

European integration losing its attractiveness in Moldova

... is losing its prestige in Moldova – as noted by Constantin Star ... of Communists and Socialists in Moldova’s legislative assembly, RIA Novosti ... integration in the Republic of Moldova has dropped to a record ...

Moldova , EU , European integration

Belarus’ Information Ministry outraged by decision of Moldovan Broadcasting Council

... Council of the Republic of Moldova on the application of penalties ... of the Gagauz Autonomy of Moldova, Oguzsatlink and ILK Halk Televizionu ...

belarus , moldova , information ministry

Moldova approved action plan for EU accession

The Moldovan authorities approved a national action plan for the European Union accession on October 27 th , and the document was presented by Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu, RIA Novosti reports Photo: “The national action plan for the EU accession is a significant milestone on the European path of our country. Its goal is to prepare the republic for the EU accession in 2030. The plan itself is designed for the period from 2024 to 2027," Mr. Popescu ...

eu , moldova , politics

Moldova-US joint exercises announced

The military of Moldova and the United States will ... held on the territory of Moldova, some of which took place ...

usa , moldova , excercises

Moldova cut state budget by $27m for 2023

The press service of Moldovan Parliament reported that the Government has updated the state budget for 2023 in the second reading, and the amendments envisage its reduction in income and expenses by more than $27m, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to a report posted on the Parliament's website, the amendments were adopted at night after considering a vote of no confidence in the Government of Prime Minister Dorin Recean. The process lasted almost ten hours. It took more ...


US to allocate $88.6m in aid to Moldova

... $88.6m in aid to Moldova, including $30m for military spending ... allocation of additional assistance to Moldova in the amount of $88 ... is reported that, in 2023, Moldova has increased its military budget ... had increased assistance to strengthen Moldova’s defence capability.

usa , moldova

Czech President on timing of Moldova’s accession to EU

Moldova could become a full member ... with the visiting President of Moldova Maia Sandu, TASS reports photo ... over the next seven years Moldova will be able to carry ... for the speedy admission of Moldova into the community. According to ...

Czech republic , Moldova , EU

European Parliament calls for start of Moldova’s EU accession talks

... between the European Union and Moldova on the issue of the ... negotiations with the Republic of Moldova by the end of 2023 ... . It is noted that for Moldova’s membership to truly become ...

EU , Moldova , European parliament , accession

Lukashenko expressed condolences over the death of first President of Moldova Mircea Snegur

... of the first President of Moldova, Mircea Snegur, in connection with ... linked with the formation of Moldova as a sovereign state, as ... of the first President of Moldova in Belarus was received with ...

Lukashenko , Moldova , condolences

Moldova reported it will host military exercises jointly with Romania, US

The Defence Ministry of Moldova has informed that the military ...

moldova , romania , usa , excercises

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