Moldovan President said the country could become EU member by 2030

Moldova can join the European Union ... Sandu noted that Moldova, subject to a number of ... our goal,” the President of Moldova stressed. Earlier, the Speaker of ... party, Igor Grosu, said that Moldova is currently at the final ... . Sandu signed an application for Moldova’s accession to the European ... of the candidate status to Moldova.

Moldova , EU candidate

Moldova’s President threatened Putin with arrest in case of his visit to the country

... stated by the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, RIA Novosti reports ... “The Republic of Moldova has signed an agreement on ...

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European Parliament to allocate 145m Euros to Moldova

... Parliament plenum decided to provide Moldova with another package of financial ... provide macro-financial assistance to Moldova in the amount of 145m ... amount of 145m Euros for Moldova. The decision was adopted by ... the issue of assistance to Moldova," Mr. Muresan said. It ...

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US transferred $600,000 of cybersecurity equipment to Moldova for free

Moldova has received $600,000 of ... Working Group on Cybersecurity of Moldova's Critical Infrastructure. Ambassador Logsdon ... have already been banned in Moldova. Since February 26th, 2022, the ... security service has blocked Sputnik Moldova, and since March 7th – the ... as Primul in Moldova, RTR Moldova, Accent TV, NTV Moldova, TV6 and Orhei ... TV stopped broadcasting in Moldova. According to republic’s authorities ... that the Russian authorities see Moldova's decision as an act ...

moldova , russia , usa , cybersecurity

Moldova announced fulfilment of almost all conditions to start EU accession negotiations

Moldova is now at the final ... to join the union to Moldova. Chisinau was put forward nine ...

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Poll: more than half of Moldovans surveyed are against the country's NATO membership

... .5 percent in March) believe Moldova should not join this military ...

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Moldova, Romania, the US, the UK hold joint military exercises

On March 27 th , Moldova’s special forces have begun ... : Soldiers of Moldova’s national army will train ...

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Moldovan gambit

... Sandu a plan to ‘destroy Moldova’. Of course, the terrible ... the democracy of Moldova and establish control over Moldova’ is Russia. ... confrontation with Russia and drawing Moldova into a military whirlwind. Fear ... threats to the security of Moldova. Nevertheless, Musteata’s last ... to $600 million annually to Moldova as assistance to their families ... brought the economic situation in Moldova to the extreme. According to ... confrontation with Russia and drawing Moldova into a military whirlwind. Military ...


Sandu announced new level of co-operation between Moldova and Romania

... co-operation that will bring Moldova closer to Romania – as stated ... on initiatives aimed at connecting Moldova to the EU space.

moldova , romania

Moldovan Sor Party supporters demand to raise pensions

In Moldova, hundreds of people from among ... nation’. Protest campaigns began in Moldova last summer – against the background ...

moldova , protests

Lavrov: West views Moldova as ‘next Ukraine’

The West is now considering Moldova for the role of ‘the ... of Ukraine, Mr. Lavrov said, “Moldova is now being considered for ... eager to join NATO, to Moldova’s leadership. “She has Romanian ...

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Farmers in Moldova may come out to protest again in 2023

Moldovan farmers may protest again this year, as many of them will not even be able to start the spring agricultural season – as stated by the head of the country’s association of farmers, Alexander Slusar, RIA Novosti reports Photo: In 2022, Moldovan farmers held protests countrywide, taking tractors to highways to draw attention to their problems: drought, rising fuel, fertiliser and pesticide prices, and crop exports. The country’s government promised to provide assistance, but ...

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Romania asked Ukraine to recognise Moldovan language as non-existent

... 2013, the Constitutional Court of Moldova decided that Romanian is the ... Constitutional Court, the text of Moldova’s declaration of independence – in ...

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It is unfortunate, but true

... spent on heating this winter. Moldova, it seems, has seriously decided ... Sudzha GIS for transit to Moldova through Ukraine, with the volume ... the supplied blue fuel reaches Moldova, and Gazprom is allegedly trying ... the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu. “Those volumes of ... Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita said, Moldova, in agreement with Ukraine, classified ... , her mood was hardly elated. Moldova expected at least €695 million ... : maybe the very independence of Moldova, or maybe the unleashing of ...

Moldova , protests , prices , gas

Gazprom plans to reduce gas supply for transit via Ukraine

... supposed to be delivered to Moldova, and, from November 28 th ... measuring station for transit to Moldova via Ukraine exceeds the physical ... the border of Ukraine with Moldova. "On November 21st, Moldovagaz ...

gazprom , ukraine , russia , moldova

Parallel government created in Moldova

... have been going on in Moldova for more than two months ... , with a goal of protecting Moldova from the usurpation of power ... with the Criminal Code of Moldova. In turn, the People's ...

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Gazprom: gas supplies to Moldova to stop in case of non-payment

Russian Gazprom said if Moldova does not pay for gas, ... completely stop gas supplies to Moldova in the event that the ... stressed that, in the future, Moldova's requests for changes in ...

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Lukashenko sends Independence Day greetings to the people of Moldova

... greetings to the people of Moldova on their national holiday – Independence ... wished all the residents of Moldova a peaceful sky, happiness, well ...

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PMR Foreign Ministry announces region's focus on joining Russia

The Pridnestrovian Moldavan Republic’s Foreign Minister, Vitaly Ignatiev, has voiced the region’s intention to achieve independence and later become part of the Russian Federation in accordance with the 2006 referendum results, RIA Novosti reports Photo: As noted by Mr. Ignatiev, the PMR’s goals have remained unchanged for several years. “It is independence with subsequent free accession to the Russian Federation. The country’s independence is an absolute priority," he ...

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Belarus, Moldova to intensify inter-parliamentary dialogue

... and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Moldova, Anatoly Kalinin, has met with ... the Embassy of Belarus in Moldova noted, the two parties discussed ... of education in Belarus and Moldova. The parties confirmed their intention ... diplomatic relations between Belarus and Moldova. During this time, more than ...

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