Posted: 19.04.2024 16:50:00

Moldova described shortage of teachers as threatening

Moldova’s education system lacks 7,000 teachers, with the shortage of personnel reaching alarming scales, TASS reports


“Our system lacks 7,000 teachers,” Moldova’s Minister of Education and Research Dan Perciun said in an interview with the Moldova-1 TV channel, explaining that this assessment was made on the basis that all teachers work without overload. He underlined that the shortage of teachers in the country is reaching alarming figures.

Mr. Perciun reported that out of a thousand graduates of teacher-training institutions in Moldova, only 250 people choose to work at school every year, with low wages being one of the reasons for this. Another problem of the country’s education system is a large number of schools that have few pupils.

According to Mr. Perciun, the Ministry of Education and Research is aware of the problem, and in order to solve it, specialists’ salaries are being increased. At present, e.g., a young teacher’s salary stands at almost $570. “We recognise the need for these investments and are trying to convince the Finance Ministry and other partners of this,” the official underlined.