Posted: 22.03.2024 11:27:00

Moldova extended measures to support refugees from Ukraine until March 2025

The Moldovan Cabinet of Ministers has extended measures to support Ukrainian refugees, TASS reports


Measures to support refugees from Ukraine have been extended for another year.

"The deadline for granting temporary protection to migrants from Ukraine will be extended for another year, starting on March 1st, 2024 and ending on March 1st, 2025. The validity period of documents certifying the identity of the recipient of temporary protection will also be automatically extended," the press service of the Moldovan government said in a statement.

It is clarified that refugees participating in the programme are entitled to financial and social assistance, and can work without obtaining the right to temporary residence. The status of temporary protection is one of the ways of legalisation, along with the right to seek asylum or the right to obtain a residence permit in Moldova.

Data from the Migration Service of Moldova indicate that over 116 thousand Ukrainian refugees now live in this country.