Posted: 29.01.2024 11:38:00

More than half of 38 accommodation centres for Ukrainian refugees to be closed in Moldova

The Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Moldova, Alexei Buzu, said that the country's authorities plan to close more than half of the 38 temporary accommodation centres for Ukrainian refugees by the end of the year, TASS reports


Mr. Buzu noted that, by the end of 2024, 13-15 centres should remain in Moldova, because ‘this is a crisis service’. According to him, the idea was that people would stay in such a centre temporarily until the government determines a long-term option for them. The official added that this would allow Ukrainian refugees to adapt to the country faster.

In 2022, 130 refugee accommodation centres were opened in Moldova, but – in the process of reorganisation – most of them were closed. Over this time, about a million Ukrainians have entered the country, and about 100 thousand people have asked for asylum in Moldova.